Interview with Karan Chopra founder and CEO of G2One Network

Understand what your client requires and give them the best service, and then they will definitely come back to you.

I had the privilege to interview Karan Chopra the founder and CEO of G2One Network an award winning Internet Media Company. Because of his entrepreneurial spirit he launched multiple successful products and services. His innovative way of thinking and determination makes him a great inspiration for other internet entrepreneurs. Read the interview to find out more.

Karan_ChopraWhat was the reason for starting your company?
During my education years i.e. the time when I was doing my graduation and post-graduation, the word “business” always fascinates me. I am always interested in starting up something of my own and this tends me to come up with a plan for an internet media company which I finally debuted in year 2011.

Where does your passion for marketing comes from?
Again the answer to this is connected with my answer at point 1 above. When I was in my education years, I experienced huge recession, whether it was my graduation years or post-graduation year. There where less number of jobs and the market was sinking like flash cards.

During that time only, I started searching what will be the correct specialization area which won’t be effected if the recession hits back in future. It was then only, I decided to select marketing as my core field.

The reason is whether the market is up or down, whether the businesses are swinging to great heights or tied up at some low stance, they will definitely require a marketing and advertising company (even while they might have huge marketing budgets or low marketing budgets with them). This is why; the passion for marketing makes a huge place in my mind.

How do you see marketing as a necessity of today’s business? And how does it help your clients?
Marketing is not a rocket science industry. All it requires a parallel approach. If you understand well what your clients are seeing, then you are already on the roll. Say for example, if a client wants to have their idea developed and rise in Country A or Region A, then it is your duty (as a marketer) to bring that results with care.

Can you tell anything about your future plans?
Recently I launched number of products, including a motivational and inspirational TV name BeThink TV, a music TV name Radio36; showcasing the best of music how-to videos and two of books name #Entrepreneur: The First Step and Blogging: 101 Steps To Get Started.

The next in my agenda is to enter more deeply into the merchandise industry as well as bringing more books.

What project are you most proud of?
While I am proud of everything I developed as I created each of them with utter care and love but if I have to choose only one, then I am most proud of I2Mag (my first publication). The reason is because from I2Mag, I am able to stand at where I am standing now.

What is your philosophy?
I divide this into two parts, one for clients and other for employees.

  • Understand what your client requires and give them the best service, and then they will definitely come back to you.
  • Give your employees the respect they deserve, as they will too do the same and give vice-versa to you.

What is your biggest challenge so far?
Since I am based in India, it took me months and for some, years (even till now), I am not able to explain people in my family what I exactly do. (Laughs).

Do you have any tips for other entrepreneurs?
Just believe in yourself and your goals and give not 100% but 1000% and you will succeed for sure one day.

Where can our readers find you online?
Via my company website G2One Network –

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