Interview with Japanese artist ELECTRICLADY

ELECTRICLADY is a Japanese Artist, Web Designer, Developer and Radio MC, Director. Read the interview to find out more.

Tell us about yourself and what you do
We introduce works by injecting the essence of melancholy into Japanese pop culture, and have earned cult popularity in Japan.
The work expresses a collection with the same originality that can not be made twice.
The kind of work is contemporary art work such as video, animation, lonely monster, LGBT creatures figure.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
I was a lonely boyhood.
I like rock music and movies in the 70s and 90s. For example, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, RHCP rage Against the macine. 
And, Movie Maker.
Martin Scorsese、David Fincher、tim burton、Guillermo del Toro,Quentin Jerome Tarantino…etc

What is your greatest achievement so far?
1.VOGUE JAPAN × boucheron promotion movie.

2.Jaxa promotion movie.

3.Darcy. It is a very Cult popularity in Japan.

This figure’s name is Darcy.
He is a youkai(monster) produced
by massive industrial waste.

He wants to be loved.
Because it is lonely.
That’s why he is having a rabbit costume.
Because rabbits are loved by everyone.

His body hides the desire for approval.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
“Play Stringless guitar..!”

We are artists who are not major journals.
Those who used jungle as a living as a subculture and nothing to do in the world know that what they are doing is meaningless.
But no one will express it unless I do.
So “But do it! “We inspire ourselves and are doing activities.



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