Interview with Jamie-Lee Dimes Los Angeles based Australian artist


Divine Intervention is the forthcoming LP for Jamie-Lee Dimes – Los Angeles based Australian artist. Nine tracks of dreamy pop structured soundscapes, a lighter headspace, and collection of psychedelic colour palettes; Personal stories, political subjects and internal revelations.

Following the release of her debut EP Liminality – a dark, and cinematic experience, released Nov 2016, Jamie-Lee talks to us about transitioning headspaces with her new album, living in New York, moving to California, and what has inspired this next album, set for release early 2019.

What has inspired the concept of this new record? 
Divine intervention is a totally different headspace to my last record, which I wrote when I was in a very dark place mentally. i call this new direction the awakening from a dark lull, kind of like a psychedelic experience where you see colours brighter, and feeling freedom from mental anguish.

Your last album had very personal lyrical content, what can we expect on this new record? 
This next album has come at a pretty heavy time to live in America. Being here for my second election, and living in New York with protests and riots happening every week, it’s pretty hard to stay quiet on these events when the world is going into chaos. I would say this album is very political, and also addresses some of my own issues I’ve had to confront, embrace and release.

What has been your biggest influence musically? 
When I started writing this record, I was deeply obsessed with the Ummagumma album by Pink Floyd, in particular the song Careful with that axe, Eugene. I think it set the tone for this record.

What has been the hardest part about writing Divine intervention?
I think the title for this album was inspired by all the events that have taken place in my life the past year, what could be seen as “hard”, was a blessing in disguise. I just remind myself I am lucky and privileged to be able to write an album living in a beautiful city – a million females would happily take my position within the blink of an eye. Hardest part is being patient in the process and not being too critical when you are in the writing stage. Also a lot of these songs have been rearranged about ten times.

When can we expect to hear your first single?
Later this year, or early 2019 depending on how the rest of recording goes check out Jamie-Lee Dimes, pledge on her crowd funding campaign, and follow her on SM.

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