Interview with interdisciplinary artist K. Vatish

I had the privilege to interview artist K. Vatish ( They are specialized in biophilic design and works with marginalized people. K. Vatish work will be featured during ARISE showcase coming up in Toronto on August 14th/15th/16th: 

For years K. Vatish provided high-end, otherwise-expensive services to marginalized people in the form of pay-what-you-can (PWYC) and sliding scale bookings. Read the interview to find out more. 

You are an interdisciplinary artist, what is your favorite medium?
As of now, my favourite medium has been tattooing; it strikes a good balance between my backgrounds in visual art and physiology and lets me explore them simultaneously. Other than photography, no other art form has brought me such a variety of experiences and connections with others.

What is the inspiration for your designs and tattoos?

As an artist that primarily works with marginalized people and within platforms of healthcare, my best form of inspiration is the people I work with, their stories, their circumstances, and what they stand for. I very much enjoy translating their concepts into visual statements. I also draw a lot of inspiration from biological sciences; animals, plants, natural processes, life and death, and everything else around us that goes on without our input.

What’s next for

I’ll continue tattooing as much as possible, in addition to my other work (photography, design, illustration, etc.). I’m always working as a guest artist throughout Toronto and I very much enjoy the variety that brings me. I’ve become a sort of nomadic tattooist here, something people remember about me in addition to my specialization in working with marginalized clients for pwyc/sliding-scale work, scar cover-ups, and a firm belief in tattooing as a form of healthcare. I’d like to soon have a suitable place to live in Toronto, somewhere I can safely and effectively continue doing my work every day; running a studio of my own may even be in my future, although I do somewhat enjoy moving around.

What do you have planned for the upcoming Toronto ARISE showcase on August 15th?

For the upcoming Arise showcase, I’ll be live-tattooing with pwyc rates and selling original art (prints from my photography, illustrations, and paintings), with proceeds to charity and into a fund for those that need these services but otherwise couldn’t afford them, as always.

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