Interview with Intelligent Diva

The Jacksonville, Florida native grew up singing in the church choir, as well as middle school and high school chorus as an alto section leader. She started writing songs in high school. While, in Dexheim Germany, her love for music and passion grew stronger, which led her to land a regular gig on Wednesday nights as a background singer. After returning to the states, she divorced and became a single parent. Her focus has always been on her career and family. After raising her daughter as an entrepreneur, who has many career accomplishments of her own, Intelligent Diva is now able to focus on her singing, songwriting career. She decided that in order for her to have the work-life balance she needed, it was time to pursue her dreams. Her goal is to write songs which can be marketed in film and television. Another goal of hers is to become a voice actor in film. Her animation voices are showcased through her backup vocals in the single.

Tell us about yourself and your new single Boy shorts?
Response: I’m an independent music artist from Jacksonville, Florida. I started out singing in the church choir and junior high school and high school chorus. I also had a passion for writing.  I moved to Dexheim Germany where I joined a group as a background singer to continue my passion. However, due to the timing a never pursued a career. So, i focused more on my career. I “m a fulltime IT career professional and business entrepreneur. I consider myself a Jill of multiple trades because I believe in higher learning and education.  I have always kept a part time job. Have a healthy work life balance is important.  It can affect your personal life and relationships.  So, recently to create this balance I decided to create another stream of income doing what I love, which is singing, song writing and rapping. I created Boy shorts  as my single because when you work alot, you have to keep your relationships spicy. So, the song is based on my personal experience on how partner reacts to seeing me in boy shorts.  I talk about what he says, and the things I have said to him. I joked about writing a song about. Until, the joke became a reality.

Is anything special that you do to get into a creative mind-set?
Response: Yes, my background is Project Management.  So, I start by deciding by creating a business plan for my music project. Next , I think about what potential I would like for the  song to have. Next, I think about would I like the song to be tied to fashion. Since I love fashion. Then, I think about real situations I want to talk about. Things that would make  me different from others. Next, I think of a catchy hook. Then I find a beat. Sometimes, I listen to beats first. Sometime I don’t. Next I write the lyrics. Then I think about the adlibs. I document the  project for the song first. Creating the strategy for the song gets me hyped and excited. Then I plan to write the songs on a different day, using all the ideas I came up with for the song.

If you could collaborate with any artist in the world who would it be and why?
Chris Brown : I love his work ethic. He has diversity between Pop and  R&B. Chris  s an excellent entertainer.

Drake: He is multi  talented who and raps. I love his music.

Bruno Mars: He has an amazing voice.

Cardi B: She does what she loves which is being herself. That’s my personality  also and I think a collab with her would be amazing!

Meagan the Stallion: I  love her rhymes.

There are others. I could go on for days. I treat my music like a business.  Therefore,  I would also love to collaborate with other independent artist as a feature.  I just did a collaboration with an independent international artist yesterday.  

What message do you try to put into your work?

Having a healthy work life balance is important.  Our work experience with a blend of our hobbies can help you if you ever decide you want to go into business doing something you love. Learn how to create a career out of your skillsets because there us value to it. There is also peace of mind and can relieve stress. This is what you see me doing now. While at the sane time working alot can put alot if strain on your relationships . So, i talk about keeping their spicy.  There are also those men who demand their quality time. I talk about my experience being a hardworking woman managing multiple careers and a personal relationship.  The work you will see is in addition to me working 7days a week, putting in  64 hours plus . You can balance  it all, with time management  and less stress when you do what you love and you have a support system. I enjoy making myself and him happy. You can also be confident in your own skin. Beautiful and Intelligent. I have experienced scrutiny by being African American and wearing platinum blonde hair. However, I love my style. People often state my hairstyle reminds them of Marilyn Monroe . I embrace it and wear it well. It hasnt hindered my career as IT professional.  In fact, my greatest accomplishment was when I won the IT Excellence award. I  balance my professional career and music career well. I’m not affected by negativity. It fuels me to reach another milestone.  I’m living my dream.

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