Interview with Ignite Images corporate event photographers based in London

Ignite Images are specialist corporate event photographers based in London, UK and operations throughout the country and internationally.

Tell us about yourself and what you do

Most of our work revolves around brand promotion using the medium of photography.

Our work is typically Brand Activations and Experiential Events and involves instant photo printing and instant photo sharing both of which will involve branded images.

Additionally, we carry out green screen and meet & greet photography which again is typically used by companies to promote their brands.

How do you print photos instantly and allow guests to receive their images instantly?

Instant photo printing is something we have specialised in for many years and we now compliment this with allowing guests to send to themselves their digital photos.

For the printing we use dye-sub printers manufactured by DNP. These print really fast (9 seconds for a 6 x 4 inch print) and the photos are dry to the touch as soon as they have been printed so guests can take them away immediately.

At busy events we regularly print over 300 photos in an hour, where we would be using two printers.

We will typically operate as a team of two; a photographer and a print assistant. The software we use is Lightroom as this allows the print assistant to make minor edits at speed. The camera will be connected to the Mac via a tether cable, or wifi just dependant upon the nature of the event (busy fast-paced events we will tether via cable for reliability).

For the instant photo sharing we use iPads and deploy sufficient to ensure there aren’t any queues.

Specialist software is used that ‘sees’ photos on the host computer and displays them on the iPads from where guests can email or text to themselves.

Do you have a favourite type of event?

Most events tend to be quite fun and there is typically a challenge to overcome – usually space, or lack of it!

We do prefer busy events and it always great to see guests enjoying their photos. For many people it is years since they have held a physical print in their hands and it is a novelty!

Some of our Meet & Greet events have been fun. I’m not celebrity obsessed but it was great to photograph Olivia Colman on the set of The Crown. Also great to meet one of the best football managers of all time – Sir Alex Ferguson.

Do you do anything other than photography?

Due to the nature of our photography work we have been asked to provide photobooths at client events.

Never one to look at a gathers in the mouth we purchased two of these machines. They have been used at many events, including month long stints at Heathrow Airport.

Instead of ‘normal’ photobooths we have gone down the route of running with GIF photobooths which truly engage guests.


Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?

Learn your craft and be very good at what you do.

Remember the last thing a potential client will think of before booking you is “What is my risk?” – if there is even the possibility of in their mind of something going wrong then you won’t get booked for the

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