Interview with hip-hop artist Goodieman


The world is full of generic, let’s keep our part by keeping the music community as real as can be!

Who influenced you ?
Growing up I would say my surroundings. The range of music would vary from Spanish Salsa/Reggaeton to local R&B and Hiphop Radio to even oldies from other generations I wasn’t even alive for, so for me Its a huge variety of genres.

What do you plan on achieving?
If God and I are on the same page , it would be just achieving happiness with my music. I wouldn’t need anything else other than that great feeling I get when I hear my song getting love. I would love to get awards and recognition , of course , but to me its more valuable when you feel great doing it.

Who have you worked with in your career?
Coming up and growing as an artist is something only experienced by us. Its amazing the way other artists connect. As for me, starting in Lebanon Pennsylvania, I grew with other local talent my age. Lebanon Pa also had talent ahead of my era so for me just being around hometown greats like Don P , Gzo , Shiesty Shiest , Pretty Boy , Deluxxe , J Rock , Texas P kept me on a learning path. I’ve collaborated with many artists like Quinn Audio , Tex the Stuntboss , Wunda God , Jayoh the artist , Knucklez and more

Where do you see your career in 10 years?
I see myself comfortable with life and hopefully being a go to guy like some of the greats music gets to hear from today.

Where can we hear your music and stay updated?
You can check me out on YouTube , Reverbnation , SoundCloud and tons of other links around the internet world. I give tons of Free downloadable music for my fans and if you ever need to reach me I am very socially active. Google “GoodieMan” and see what pops up.

Anything else you’d like to mention in this interview?
Yeah. Shout out to all the artists genuinely and positively getting music the love and value where it needs to be. The world is full of generic, let’s keep our part by keeping the music community as real as can be !


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