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All of our designs are EXCLUSIVE. We designed them, we sourced the materials, and we build them right here in California.

Tell us about your company
Hammers & Heels is a women run furniture, lighting, and home decor company. We design and manufacture most of our pieces in our Oakland, California workshop. Because we make them, you can customize our retail line or make completely custom one-of-a-kind pieces.

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What are the challenges of being sustainable in your field?
Making an affordable, environmentally, and morally considerate product brings many challenges. People can buy a light for $25 nowadays; what they don’t realize is that this is possible only because it was manufactured in unsafe work conditions, often times using materials that are not environmentally sound. Creating a product while offering fair pay, safe work environments, and eco friendly materials comes at a cost. Consumers are getting on board but there are always more people to convince spending more money on a quality product is worth it in the long run. We think emphasizing exactly how our products are green not only educates the consumer but also encourages them to purchase with environmental awareness in mind. We even have green icons in each product listing that allow a single click to find all of our eco-friendly products , so making more environmentally aware purchases is easy.

In what way do your products stand out from the pack?
All of our designs are EXCLUSIVE. We designed them, we sourced the materials, and we build them right here in California. We employ people that you can meet and talk with. There’s nothing faceless about us. All home good products that are not designed by Hammers and Heels are carefully sourced and curated to ensure the best possible labor and material practices are being used. Everything we sell is USA made or fair trade.

What other plans and initiatives do you have/ what can we expect from you in the future?
We recently added a charity program and donate a portion of proceeds to various charities. We hope to continue to expand that program. As far as new products we are expanding our lighting designs to include more flush mount and sconce lighting. We are hoping to start appealing to people with smaller spaces who may not have room for a hanging pendant light. We also are adding accessories such as bags and jewelry in the near future. Our goal is to become the place to go to find well designed pieces that are not available anywhere else. These days it is hard to find anything that isn’t just another version of the same design every company produces.

Where can people get your products?
All of our products are available online at We also have a showroom in Oakland, California that is open by appointment by calling(415)890-6864. This spring we plan on starting to have open hours where you can come in without an appointment.

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