Interview with GITA Photography


I’m very happy to answer these questions and i hope that someone out there reading my story would get inspired and will go for his/her dreams no matter how hard and scary it might seem.


giaRAW: Tell us about yourself and what you do
Definition of me:

Simple, down to earth, sincere fun loving creative creature.

I’m myself originally from Europe, Lithuania, small country on the shores of the Baltic sea. Born and grew up there in a family of Artists. So art is in my blood I tried almost everything from taking brushes into my hands to acting, dance, modelling, singing, directing…. the list goes on. One day in high school my Arts teacher placed a camera into my hands, since then camera models changed but it never left my hands. I studied at the college of Art / Design/ Architecture, I explored myself through photography in different genres in the following progression from Bugs & Flowers to Landscape, Architecture, Events…

I came to Canada in 2010 as i knew no one here and it seemed impossible to get out there, language barrier, I don’t know anyone and no one knows me 🙂

I always was known as a creative artistic person with my own unique vision. For last 6 years i’m focused on Portraits, Fashion, Creative Beauty. I love this intimate and personal one on one atmosphere, where you get to explore the inner worlds of other people. year after year i expanded, rooted in and the word started spreading.

RAW: Who has inspired you in your life and why?
There’s so many great people to get inspired by. As i’m constantly learning, and raising my plank of Awesome, my inspirations change as well. I love fashion, beauty, creativity and everything beautiful and high end. I have to admit i’m true perfectionist so I’m never really happy with my work , i’m not okay with just okay and always think it could be better, and this is exactly what pushes you to be better, to perfection your craft, to improve. It’s a forever learning process. I follow world’s best photographers, retouchers, models, designers. Just to name a few Russell James, Benjamin Wong, Coco Rocha, Elie Saab… Why? Because they are awesome and I want to learn from worlds best! They challenge me to become even better than I am today.


RAW: What is your greatest achievement so far?
Hard to tell, hm… I guess it’s where I am and who I am today. It’s a whole lot of hard work, self education, building myself as a human being, discovering my personality and exploring my ‘limits’. As we heard this so many times “Don’t try to be better than someone else today, try to be better than you were yesterday!” , and it applies to my craft as well. It shows! When I look at my work from a year ago , oh wow! That’s an achievement !

RAW: You will be participating in the upcoming RAW Toronto BOLD showcase. How did this come about?
Oh, it’s an honour to be invited to showcase my work among other great artists. I did get to know about RAW several months ago, I came to support MakeUp Artist Rebecca Kupferstein with whom I worked on most of my best works. She introduced me to Michelle (RAW Toronto Director) and I submitted my work. Now i’m sitting here and answering all the interview questions 🙂

RAW: What do you have planned?
True, I have planned something special for the showcase. But it’s a surprise! All I can give away now is that I’m working for last two months on new set of creative images that will get revealed at RAW Toronto BOLD. Also, expect prizes-surprises! The rest, you’ll have to come and see it yourself !

RAW: Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
I could give so many famous quotes you saw gazillion times: “Work Hard- Play Hard”, it’s a hard work that gets you there. “Stay true to Yourself, Be Yourself, Believe in Yourself”, there will be a whole lot of envious people who will bite and try to put a ‘tag’ on you and talk you out of what you love. Don’t let anybody dim that creative sparkle in you, It’s you as a person and your style that will scream through your work. Don’t be afraid to fail, i don’t even have to remind of all biggest personalities who heard a “NO” so many times and still continued. Don’t give up! Through the struggle into the Stars!

RAW:natural born artists Toronto presents BOLD
September 11th at the Mod Club (722 College St.)
8pm – 2am
Tickets: $15 advance at , $20 at door
Multi-media showcase featuring 40+ artists in fashion, music, visual art, photography, accessory design, performance art, dance, hair and makeup.


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