Interview with Gabriella van Rij International Activist, Author & Speaker

Activist, Author, Speaker

I had the privilege to interview Gabriella van Rij she is a famous author and kindness activist, her personal experience creates a boots-on-the-ground approach that is nothing short of magical in her books. Her anti bullying book is truly inspiring and gets to the heart of how a child really feels when they are bullied.  Read the interview to find out more about her work. 

Gabriella van RijTell us about yourself and what you do
I am an author, speaker and activist. Right now I’m promoting my 2nd book which is for children 7 and up. 

What is your new book about?
I Can Find My Might has been specifically written for students, parents, and educators. A perfect book—not only for the student who are feeling hopeless or helpless due to bullying at school, but also for those children who have bullying tendencies.

In a revelatory way I explain how both bullies and those being bullied are mirror images of each other and what children should do with this knowledge.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement is to be that Voice for the students around the globe to empower them to accept ones “own uniqueness” instead of feeling not good enough…

Gabriella van Rij, Book, anti bullying

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