Interview with Floris Boere keyboard player and backing vocalist of Rexford


Talking to Floris Boere, keyboard player and backing vocalist of the New York City pop band Rexford.



EP:                  “Good Lie”                May 13, 2014


Single:                        “Back Around”          Feb  19, 2015


Floris Boere, RexfordTell us about your music
Well, because of our very different musical backgrounds, the songs we write tend to be diverse and dynamic. We have a hard time answering the question of which genre our music is, and I think that’s a good thing in today’s scene. We are always looking for that one melodic hook that reels people in and just hope other people will like the songs we write as well. Luckily, so far lots do!


What do you like most about your profession?
I absolutely love the feeling of performing with my best friends to a crowd that is totally into the music. I can do that all day!


What’s your favorite album from another artist?
One of my favorites is “Continuum” by John Mayer, this album has had a profound effect on me in terms of songwriting, production and the workings of several parts in a song coming together as one. My favorite song of the album is “Stop This Train”, it’s a coming-of-age song. It talks about growing up, seeing your parents get older, not being able to stop the neverending aging process and sometimes just wanting to ‘stop the train’ and appreciate the moment. The lyrics are spot on. I think it’s an amazing song and production because Mayer and Steve Jordan, the producer, have managed to create guitar and drum riffs that are completely perpetual, like a train.


What song of yours are you most proud of?
I seem to always love the song I’m writing currently the most. I think you sort of have to, if you want to believe in what you are doing. Right now we are writing a song that is heavily R&B influenced and it might take the band in another direction, which gets me even more excited. I would definitely also want to mention our latest single “Back Around” though, it is truly a thrill playing this song for audiences, because everybody sings along to it and I am very happy to now be able to share it with the world.


What is the formula for success in the music industry?
If only I knew….. just kidding! I think the most important thing is putting your talent to work. Everybody is talented, it’s the effort you put in that makes the difference. Furthermore, being willing to take a risk either musically, with your instrument or with a new group is definitely very important.

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    I have been following Rexford for almost a year now, Been to 5 shows in NYC and Love them more and more each time! They now know me which I love 🙂 They are all talented, beyond talented, gifted! But That Matty, Hashimoto has such a Angelic voice and he gives me goosebumps everytime he sings, Love his voice so much!! Can’t wait to see them get very far and I will be a proud Fan , I am so happy I found them on Youtube! 🙂 They are going to go very far!

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