Interview with Filmmaker, Director, and Actor Steve James


Today I welcome back a Filmmaker, Director, and Actor that I’ve interviewed a few times
before. When I first came across his work he had been building a following as an author and
had just started into making films. Now he has a developed a large following and is about
to release his third episode of the web series Third Son: The Black Files to many anticipating
fans. His name is Steve James.

Steve, it’s good to have you back. You’ve been up to a lot lately! Are you looking forward to the upcoming release of episode 3 and how do you think fans will react to it?
I’m very much looking forward to it, a ton of work went into making it, and a lot of talented people helped. I’m thinking people will really enjoy it, I hope they do anyway. I have no doubt they will be blown away. I saw episode 2 and I was stunned with what you have been able to accomplish.

How hard is it to plan some of the scenes?
It takes a bit of work to set it up. Multiple cameras and angles, making sure the lighting and
camera settings are right. Then there are the action scenes and fight choreography, as well as
stunts. We’ve had very hot and very cold days, I won’t lie, it will test you after doing a take 20
times. I live for it though.

I noticed the scene your character had with what seemed to be the ghost of a young girl. A very
eerie and yet sad scene. What was it like filming that scene, and is it hard acting in and directing
emotional scenes like that?
Well it was emotional honestly. I pulled from real life losses to do that so it kind of felt like
reliving some of that as we did the scene. It made it easy to get tears on cue. Colleen, the young
actress opposite me, did amazing as well. She really played off of me and was able to keep her
composure in such a scene, although it wasn’t easy. Frank Fazzio also helped to direct and do
cinematography on the scene, which really made it a lot easier to focus on what I had to do.
It was definitely sad and intriguing as well, especially concerning your character and his back
story. I’m hoping we’ll find out more in the upcoming episodes. Speaking of upcoming episodes,
I looked at the sneak peek you sent me of episode 3 footage. Wow! More action, and some
amazing story developments as well as new characters coming into the episode. That fight at the
end, my goodness!

What was that like to film?
It was hot those days, and that stage is a covered green screen stage outdoors, so a lot of sweat
and work went into it. Ashley Reed, who was in that scene with me, did an amazing job
learning her choreography with the knives, and our stunt guys all gave 110 percent. The
jumping kicks and timing those was not easy since the stunt guys have limited visibility in those
hooded outfits, but we pulled it off… very carefully, lol.

It was definitely mind blowing to see, that’s for sure! It seems likely that you will continue to
make Third Son: The Black Files into the foreseeable future. Are there any other projects that
you have in mind?
I definitely will keep Black Files going. I enjoy bringing my vision to life from my books, and it
seems to have the most fan following right now. I do have some comedies and a historical film/
love story that I’m working on with Frank Fazzio that are in development, so we’ll see.

Sounds great, I’m looking forward to what you’ll be doing with those as well. I also saw recently
in your First Light Productions group on Facebook that you were offered a role as Batman! You
would be perfect for that role in my opinion. Do you feel like it parallels your vigilante
character from Black Files at all, and are you going to accept the role?
Yes I did get offered to play Batman, it’s a fan film out on the west coast and I’m on the east
coast, so not too likely. Batman does have some similarities to my character the vigilante, they
are both dark, brooding, and angry.. lol. The vigilante has supernatural abilities and “powers” of
a sort though, and a different back story really. He’s also a bit more brutal than Batman would
ever be, but he has to be to survive. Who knows maybe I’ll get to play both one day!

That would be epic to see! I’ll be keeping tabs to see what unfolds and can’t wait to see episode
3 when it comes out. Thank you for your talking with me as always Steve, and much success to

To all my readers, Steve James can be followed on Facebook in his news release group
and on his page First Light Productions/ Third Son Films as well as on Youtube. Be sure to
connect and follow his amazing filmmaking journey!

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