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Ferah Ana Maria Seceta – founder of located in London UK – is a creative & innovative web developer who codes your ideas by building crafted online experiences.

IMAG3490_1_1How did you come up with the idea for your business?
I have worked as a freelance web designer/web developer for many years and also in-house contract-based for several international awarded magento agencies. I love e-commerce and magento platform and been focusing on this segment. With the expansion of the web technology, internet marketing and promotion, I have decided to build my own web agency and my own team of designers and developers bringing along my own vision into creating web presences. Being a developer myself, I understand easily the workflow as well as the clients needs, therefor translating them into requirements or code is something I can easily handle. Although we work in a very flexible way, using the latest trends, is a client-focused agency.

 “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will.” – George Bernard Shaw

What is your mission?
My purpose is to create meaningful brands that will inspire passionate followers.

The borderline is where artistry meets strategic thinking which will turn your brand into life and get your followers to take actions. I offer competitive rates, a fast turn around and exceptional quality in order to help business owners who are looking to look professional at an affordable price.

My marketing background gives me a greater understanding of how web design/web development can positively impact businesses by uniquely combine professionalism and a cosmopolitan approach with a culture of responsibility.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
“Moving from zero to hero” – this is a quote that I really like and it’s quite motivational as it keeps my feet on the ground. I had the opportunity to have several notable accomplishments in my career as I was able to work within really awesome teams and for really high-end customers building custom web solutions.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business?
It is a competitive business so don’t ever think to give up. You are unique and your output will be unique. Work hard but smart and perceive on your path and dreams.

Where can our readers find you online?
Reaching me is quite easy as I am somehow all over the place. The easiest and fastest way is through my web folio ( or by email: .

As for social media:
Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin | Instagram

Ferah Ana Maria Seceta


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