Interview with Roshika Chand founder of Fashion Flaunt

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Networking is the key to success in meeting the right people at the right time for the right opportunities.

I had the privilege to interview founder, owner and Creative Designer of Fashion Flaunt Roshika Chand. Her label is made for strong women that are ambitious and dare to dream big. I love how passionate she is about her business, read the interview to find out more about it!

fashion_flauntWhat inspired you to start your brand/business?
To live, you have to love what you do and I adore styles, trends, glamour, catwalks, runways and shopping. My dream, drive and ambition, is to love what I do and wake up every morning excited about it! So I decided to setup my business in an industry I am passionate about, a Fashion Boutique where I create trending styles and designs that catch the eye!

What is the brand’s philosophy?
I wanted to relate the brand to me as well as what our customers are interested in. I love wearing outfits, styles and trends that turn heads and I am enchanted with color! The more color the better, makes me feel vibrant. Quality is important and extremely imperative that our Fashion Flaunt customers receive it at best value prices. It took about a year and many suppliers before we found the right one.

I think that good fashion is made to flaunt, not pretentiously but modestly hence where my business name emerged from. Fashion Flaunt is made to ‘embellish your style’.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
My greatest achievement so far is having the opportunity to live and work in Tokyo. It gave me the chance to work as a model and learn a different side to fashion. It all began in 2006 when I started to write about fashion, attend design events and work with photographers and Japan-Fashion; a fashion website dedicated to sharing Japanese fashion with foreigners. Networking is the key to success in meeting the right people at the right time for the right opportunities.

Where can our readers find you online?
For more information visit:
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