Interview with fashion designer Kapo

A lot of people told me that I wouldn’t succeed in this “saturated” industry and I’m here to prove them wrong

Kapo is a talented fashion designer born and raised in Kigali, Rwanda and now living in Ottawa. He will present his collection during Holiday RAWk in Ottawa on December 13th. You can get tickets here: Read the interview to find out more about Kapo and his work.

What inspires you as a fashion designer? 
What inspires me the most is to see people that I know personally giving me positive feedback about something I created. When I’m in designing mode that’s the first thing I think about. I’m also very Inspired by minimalism, simplicity and anything aesthetically well put together. 

When designing do you have materials already in mind? Or does the fabric dictate the design?
For me the design dictates the fabric. My creative process starts with a design that I pictured in my head, once it’s drawn I imagine which fabrics would go well with the design. There has been a few times where I stumbled upon a fabric that I really liked and then made my design with that in mind. I’m effective with both ways but I’d rather start with the design first. 

What is the goal for your brand? Where can people purchase? 
My primary goal is to make an impact in fashion industry. I also want to show everyone that all it takes to be successful is ambitions and following through with your dreams. A lot of people told me that I wouldn’t succeed in this “saturated” industry and I’m here to prove them wrong.

What do you have planned for the RAW Artists Ottawa showcase on Friday December 13th? 
This will be my first show since I started this journey. I’m planning to show people what I have been working on this last year. My set will be very professional and well put together. I want to seize every single opportunity that comes my way and give the audience something to remember :). 

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