Interview with fashion designer Franky Baca

One thing your guaranteed to notice about my work is that its unique. Im not a very big fan of giant logos, symbols and shit, Its tacky. I dont think people appreciate becoming human billboards for companies either.

What inspired you to start your brand?
My mother, my family.

frankyWhat is the brand’s philosophy?
I just want to create, i feel like i was put on this earth to make things, I want people to have the best products, people should be overwhelmed with how well a product suits them.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
I haven’t achieved anything, what i need to be doing is putting in more work, I love it. I’m a workaholic. Someones out there blowing up on the internet right now because of there brand, they might fizzle out but when I get that chance, no way I’m stopping. Im here with millions of ideas in my head, but I need help getting my products out. My best work hasn’t been created yet, and I can’t wait for people to own it.

Where can our readers find you online? , @thefrankybaca on twitter and instagram . I’m a designer from the Bay Area. putting out menswear and womenswear. I have new products coming soon! and discounts !

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