Interview with fashion artist Safa Hossain

I recently did an interview with the talented artist Safa Hossain who owns a women’s fashion label Yugen by Safa. She will feature her work during ARISE in Toronto on August 14th/15th/16. Event information is located here:

What made you want to become a fashion designer?

I would like to call myself a Fashion Artist rather than a designer. In my opinion, fashion is the most creative and thoughtful way of expressing oneself. Similarly, artists express themselves through their art. Myself being an artist with that inner craving of expression and creation, I believe I have found my perfect place as a Fashion Artist where I create contemporary clothing for free-spirited women with that artistic expression in my exclusive engineered printed textile designs, making a way for my customers to express themselves through fashion.

What is the inspiration for your collection?
My collection expresses the Wabi-Sabi world view: finding the beauty in imperfection and incompleteness. The theme resembles the Japanese art form Kintsugi; accentuating, not hiding imperfections of damaged pottery by repairing it with gold. I observed the marbled veining of stones and random balance of gold elements. I was highly influenced by the philosophies within the songs and lyrics of the album ‘Kintsugi’ by the band Death Cab For Cutie. In particular ‘Black Sun’ and ‘Little Wanderer’ illustrated by the cherry blossoms motif. The concept inspiration was
based on the raw Wabi-Sabi interiors, natural fabrics, worn-out wood and brass trims utilized as embellishments and accessories into my collection.

What’s next for Yugen by Safa?
I am really honoured by all the loving and positive responses I have got so far for Yugen by Safa’s first ever collection SS19 ‘Wabi-Sabi: Beauty of Imperfection’. In Yugen by Safa’s next collection I would like to explore the modern art concept, Bauhaus Movement. In that collection, the exclusive engineered printed design and silhouettes will be inspired by the aesthetics of Bauhaus Art.

What do you have planned for the upcoming Toronto ARISE showcase on August 14th?
I am very excited about the upcoming Toronto ARISE showcase on August 14th, where I will be showcasing Yugen by Safa’s SS19 Collection ‘Wabi-Sabi: Beauty of Imperfection’ on the runway. My excitement for the showcase is for two reasons; firstly, this would be the brand’s second runway fashion show and secondly, Yugen by Safa will be collaborating with Emily Kowalik, Toronto based fashion designer showcasing her debut jewellery collection ‘Undulate’.

Artist profile:

Photo credits:
Photography: Sandra A. B.
Model: Benita Jadah
Hair & makeup: Sarine Khederian
Stylist: Everard Wilkinson

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