What could this woman possibly have to say that is important enough for a prominent Countess to write the foreword and publicly support her book?

Why does renowned New York Times bestselling author Dr. Lois Frankel share the praises of her book?

What makes this woman so special that Swarovski decided to support the launch of her book with its precious products?

Hailed by females around the world, Fanny Ritter Milz has quietly become an influential women’s game changer who’s finesse of her methods delivers royal rewards far beyond personal life, and makes women flow harmoniously with the rhythms of love, respect, commitment and more.


Book_Cover_3D_geschnittenWhat inspired you to write this book?
Due to the fact that I was labeled to be “fortunate with men” by enjoying a delightful marriage for a second time, I shifted the focus of my professional expertise. In quest of a solution to the worldwide dilemma of women to weave their brilliance into their personal love life is how my path took root to grow. My book “Butterfly Habits: How to Make Your Honeymoon Last Forever” is the result of a 10-year-process of studies and research. At first I wanted to do this for myself but soon I discovered the obvious need of relationship skills for what apparently seemed to be the entire world’s population.


What does the book title “Butterfly Habits” stand for?
“Butterfly Habits” offers a unique approach to the world’s oldest mystery. Its title refers to the physical law of the Butterfly Effect and helps women to create significant shifts in their relationship’s happiness by making small, subtle changes.


What is love relationships biggest problem?
Aristotle said: “Excellence is not an act, but a habit.” Our relationships reflect what we repeatedly do. And the biggest problem is that old habits have more traction than good intentions. That’s why my book addresses concepts of leadership and communication that can show effect far beyond personal life.


How do you make sure that readers successfully apply the Butterfly habits in their own lives?
On one side “Butterfly Habits” is an efficient course in relationship skills, sharing rich and nicely designed tools through website links. On the other side, the book adapts optimally to the individual life situation of each woman, keeping a high degree of flexibility in mind. As an example, women can select one specific habit, and start leveraging a personal core competence. This makes the book an enjoyable read.


How can women discover more about your book?
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