Interview with F.M. Boutique women’s clothing boutique from Hawaii

F.M. Boutique was created with the idea of “Quality Fashion at a Fair Price” in mind.

I had the privilege to interview Jordan and Liko founders of F.M. Boutique they have an amazing collection of jackets, bottoms, dresses tops and cute rompers and jumpers with colorful prints and designs. My favorite items from their store is the Daisy lace Sundress that comes in yellow, black and pink and the White Paisley Halter Top Romper perfect for a hot summer day! Read my interview to find out more about them.


Daisy Lace Sundress

Tell us about your company
F is Fashionista’s M is for Market! F.M. Boutique is a women’s clothing boutique with a storefront in Honolulu Hawaii and also an online store shipping nationwide.

In what way does your product stand out from the pack?
After years and years of shopping for clothes with the only products being available being either one of two things:
* One dirt cheap in price but with “throw away” quality (wash it once or twice then trash it).
* Two, being of decent quality with an outrageous mark up.

F.M. Boutique was created with the idea of “Quality Fashion at a Fair Price” in mind. This theme will be apparent in every single one of the pieces that we bring to you. Our first goal is simple, to bring the absolute best products to our customer at a great price. Our second goal is to find unique styles that embody current fashion trends with unique and original designs. When shopping at F.M. you will find unique stand out designs, high quality materials, and always fair prices

What can we expect from you in the future?
In the future we are planning to design and manufacture our own line of clothing sticking to our principles of the best quality at the best price and also expand into mens apparel.

Where can readers buy your products?
Stop by our store in Hawaii or shop at


White Paisley Halter Top Romper


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