Interview with entrepreneur and founder of Copertura Label Ivers Psnony

Copertura Label

Our heating jacket is eco-friendly. It does not harm the environment at all. The battery we are using provides around 18 hours of heat. It is rechargeable. So, you don’t need to buy a new one.

I had the privilege to interview Ivers Psnony he is the founder of Copertura Label an innovative brand that combines fashion and technology. Read the interview to find out more.


Copertura LabelTell us about yourself and what you do
I am Yves Pierre but publicly I am known as Ivers Psnony, an expat in Berlin, Germany for couple years, originally from Haiti. I have background in sales and personal management. I also studied basic design to have a good understanding of what my designers are doing.
I am actually building a business startup in the conform industry to a strong focus of fashion tech. I am bringing new flavor with wearable related to fashion. My new brand is called Copertura Label (an intalian-german brand).

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Actually there are plenty of things which have inspired me. It is a melting pot since I have travel to over 20 countries. I take a little bit from each to take the right way. There are so many good people in the world and so many good things around. It wouldn’t be fair to say that social figure or this thing have inspired me. But I am very addicted to arts (painting, handcraft and plastic), fashion and technology.

What is your greatest achievement so far?
The greatest achievement so far is the fashion tech brand which I just created. I want people to see things in a different way. The brand is cooperating to better of the people, community and the world. Like for instance, the first product line we are creating is a heating/heated jacket for cold weather. I am talking about a real heating jacket, not like the ones outside which are not really working or designed to building or street construction only. I am talking about a heating jacket in 3 pieces with long duration of heat that you can control base on what your body needs and you look great when wearing it as well.

You just mentioned not like the ones in building construction, who are your jackets for?
People in construction fields can also use it Nora since it covers their needs as well. However, we are targeting winter sport people, mountain travelers, outdoor film crew members, business travelers as well as office working people. And of course Nora, if you want to take a walk with your partner outside in the winter, our heating jacket is the perfect fit which giving you the tropical body sensation while enjoying the walk and the snow.

That is very impressive, is your jacket eco-friendly?
Definitely, our heating jacket is eco-friendly. It does not harm the environment at all. The battery we are using provides around 18 hours of heat. It is rechargeable. So, you don’t need to buy a new one. Our heating panels are washable by hand and in a washing machine.
On top of that, the heating system we are using has been tested to make sure people don’t get harmed. Even people with medical issue who are constantly cold or with cold kidney or the back can definitely use it.

Are we able to use our own jacket with your heating system?
That is exactly what I was about to mention. Copertura is also building a heating system to be able to use your own existing jacket on top if you are in love with yours. We respect your feelings.

We are also making the heating system OpenSource. People who would like to try to make their own heating system; they will be able to order the heating panels during the crowdfunding in order to try themselves. It is only for personal use. Companies which wish to order them need a license from Copertura.

What can you tell us about your funding story?
Four years ago I was in the Dominican Republic where I have lived for seven years. To have an idea of the country, just close your eyes five minutes. Then imagine that it’s always summer; this is how it is! When I arrived in Berlin (Germany), you can easily understand that my first Winter was a huge challenge for me. I have left a +30 degrees Celsius location to jump to a -15 degrees Celsius city.

I ran into a clothes shop and I spent 460 euros in total because I wanted to feel the warmth like in the Caribbean islands. I ended with an under-shirt, a t-shirt with long sleeves, a scarf and a jacket. However I was still cold and getting even colder with the winter breeze. So, it was terrible for me.

One thing that kept me positive and happy was to enjoy seeing the snow falling to the ground. I felt so happy. Even though I could have worn anything, I would have felt cold. Despite of knowing it was very cold for me; my first idea about Copertura Label was building t-shirts and pants.
Every year that passed, it has been still a challenge for me. But, I have never lost faith. I have always dreamed of something which would be designed to keep me warm. One day in a friendly dinner, two entrepreneurs in languages field challenged me with the brand. They told me that I need to bring something unique and special using that amazing brand name and I should try to relate it to my experience. Actually winter is nice but you can’t enjoy it if you don’t feel comfortable. So, as they told me, I finally combined it to my life experience. That’s where I had this idea to combine technology and fashion.

Today, I am sharing the best solution I have found with everyone to feel warm even outside, during the coldest period. The Copertura Label’s innovative fashion heating jacket is totally designed for that. Winter is coming and I am already preparing this time.

What is the next step? Do you have any short term plan?
Copertura Label is planning to launch a crowdfunding in the midst of December. We are actively looking for a crowdfunding project representative for UK, USA and Germany. We are also looking for campaign ambassador to support us to make that happen. We know that we are all facing very cold environment around the globe in winter season, we need everyone support to make mass production for everyone to get access.

How can my readers get in touch with you?
We are very friendly. All comment, ideas or suggestions are welcome. If you want to be informed during our crowdfunding and you want to be one of the first having our fashionable heating jacket, you can write us to: or visit us on facebook: or twitter: @coperturalabel

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Do share your ideas. If you have a good one, consult your friends. Share with them. It can be a revolution in the fashion industry just like Copertura Label.

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