Interview with Eloise and Rebel creators of Don’t Do Pretty

Our skirts are not only classic and sophisticated but are also fun statement pieces that get people talking. The skirts are versatile and will undoubtedly become staple pieces in any women’s wardrobe.

I had the privilege to interview Eloise and Rebel, creators and founders of Don’t Do Pretty. I’m inspired by their drive and the brand’s philosophy. Powerful clothes for powerful women. The brand stands for self empowerment and challenging the norm. A great reminder to step out of your comfort zone and do what you love and live life to the fullest!

How did you get into the world of fashion?
(Eloise) I can still remember the very first garment I ever made – a lime green crushed velvet shirt! It was early 90s! Eeek! I was still so young, 17 maybe.  My sister and I stayed up late nights trying to work out the pattern as first time creators.  We spent days on that thing!

I wonder what ever did happen to it!?!

20 years later, not only have I raised my 21yo son Tom, as a single parent, I also have a variety of careers and businesses under my belt. Now with my son being older, I have a little more freedom to play with life and the old dream of creating and designing clothes still lingered.

The name I knew.

The brand values I knew.

The fashion industry- I did not know. I thought what have I got to lose and took the leap.

I just jumped in by exploring textiles and reaching out to people in the industry who knew more than I did – which was everyone! The people I connected with have been more than amazing – they have been so generous in sharing their skills and contacts. I will be forever grateful.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing; there have been plenty of breakdowns along the way!

Through all the ups and downs I have had my best friend of 25 years, Rebel, by my side. Rebel has been my rock by helping and involving herself with all business decisions.  Although working full time, the more the brand grew, the more she started to take ownership of the brand to become a fully fledged partner with our amazing new brand!

Together, through Don’t Do Pretty, we want to share our spark, our energy, our drive, our confidence and our humility with each and every one of you.

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What’s the inspiration behind the collection?
Clothes are our second skin – they express who we are. Fashion allows us to be creative in what we wear and how we express our identity. It allows us to create our own personal brand.

For our first collection we wanted to and create unique and timeless pieces that still pop with a contemporary edge. Wearing Don’t Do Pretty empowers your confidence and embodies individuality with complete pleasure for the wearer. Our skirts are not only classic and sophisticated but are also fun statement pieces that get people talking. The skirts are versatile and will undoubtedly become staple pieces in any women’s wardrobe.

The skirts are styled to fit all women– regardless of height, weight or shape. This has been key to our finishes at the waistlines and hemlines, and in the choice of styles we included pleated, pencil, mini and maxi.  We have also written up a Style Guide for our subscribers to help them identify which designs work best for their body shape.

Don’t Do Pretty is 100% Australian made and proudly meets Australian Standard guidelines for sourcing fabrics ethically for environmental excellence. When you buy into a piece of DDP you buy into a movement!

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Describe the type of woman who would wear Don’t Do Pretty.
Our vision: unique and powerful clothes for unique and powerful women. Don’t Do Pretty is more than a clothing label – our brand is a movement. We want to build a remarkable collaborative community of strong, powerful women who live life to the full.

Women who wear DDP aim to catch excellence. She will be confident and own her personal style and brand. Her dress sense is refined and embodies her uniqueness and integrity. She is her own hero and represents the females of this world. She is a woman who makes powerful choices evoking strong values and ethics. She is willing to stand up for what she believes in to make a difference.

She has done what we want all women in the world to do – to be the most powerful you.

DDP women, with no doubt will Eat Problems For Breakfast!

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What’s your future plans?
Grow our brand through our blogs with educational and fun pieces to help our vision of creating a movement by building a community of strong, unique and powerful women and to also, influence people to make powerful choices in educating on how the fashion industry currently operates and the impacts it has on our planet and the people who make our clothes

Reach out to fashion experts who align with our values, to help kick start our presence on the international market and grow our brand awareness.

Work on our next collections to keep growing and expanding our range.

To collaborate or even develop our own organisation that works towards helping make a difference to women’s education, employment and overall position in the world.

Ultimately- we want world domination! We aim to be a highly recognized brand represented and loved by powerful women throughout the world!

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