Interview with Elmark Music

Elmark Music is a music label owned by Mark and Elma Mayfield based out of Palmdale, California. The label was started in 2015 because the couple wanted to share the gospel music they loved with the world.

Elmark Music releases compilation gospel/inspiration album, Power of Praises Vol. 1. The album is distributed by Grace TMG Street Pride and the compilation is assembled by Mark and Elma and mixed by Wendy City Productions. This release follows the album, “Unorthodox” by The Message.

The uplifting album features various artists that transcends it into a masterpiece that showcases the music of each artist. It’s inspirational praise music, with songs that vary from traditional to rap to world music. The message of the album is focused on the Word and gospel of Christ. It is executive produced and released by Elmark Music, a music label based out of Palmdale, California.

The collection made it to #79 on the DRT Global Top 150 Independent Airplay chart and the DRT #14 on the top 50 Gospel/Inspirational Airplay chart. Artists featured on the album are as follows: Cameo Profit, J. Love, La’Kesia Rambo-Barrett, Kajmir Kwest, Stephan Ray, Raquel Herring, The Message, Oatmeal Brown, J-Prince, Dunamis L1019, Gem’N.I., and Da’Vid.

Power of Praise Vol. 1 is available on all major platforms. For more information on Elmark Music, visit their website.

Tell us what inspired you to start a music label?

Elma & Mark: Music has always been in me. It calms me, relaxes me, and reminds me of past memories. I love music of all kinds, but especially Christian music. With this label, I wanted to have more control and do it the way that I think God wants it to be done.

Can you tell us more about the album
Power of Praise Vol. 1″

Elma & Mark: After I finished my last project, I was talking to my partner, Steven Wimberly from Wendy City Productions, about doing an album together. Initially, we were contemplating between doing a solo artist or a compilation album, and we decided to go with the compilation idea. It was actually Steven’s idea to name the album “Power of Praise.”

That was when I started the search for our artists. We chose twelve artists, mostly from the U.S, and one from Ghana. Some we knew, but the majority we found online. I have a good ear when it comes to music and I was looking for artists that had a good combination of R&B and Hip-Hop influence in their music.

Wendy City: With this album, we have different praise styles from all over the country, including globally, praise God. We’re connecting a variety of audiences from different genres within Christian music. We all praise differently, but when we put it all together it works.

There are a lot of songs that didn’t make the cut, not that the songs weren’t good, but they didn’t fit the vision. If they didn’t talk about Jesus or if they tiptoed around Jesus, we weren’t feeling it. We had to make sure that they were serious about speaking the Word.

What is a song you are loving these days?

Elma & Mark: Anything by Kirk Franklin, Bebe Winans, Zacardi Cortez, there is a lot.

Wendy City: Kirk Franklin, Jonathan Reynolds, and Lecrae.

What do you think of the evolution of gospel music and
what is your future vision?

Elma & Mark:  Our future vision is to keep doing more projects like this. We also want to delve even further into it by soon producing a Gospelfest and bringing the music to the people in a live, interactive way

Wendy City: In terms of evolution, we believe that it has to change just like secular music. We see more of a transition to trap beats. We’ll ride the wave and evolve with the times.

What do you love about what you do?

Elma & Mark: I love creating and bringing in genuine artists with good intentions. Being able to control the narrative and putting out good Christian music.

Wendy City: As a producer, it’s like being a parent. You love to watch what you have evolve and develop into its own thing. When I make a song/record, it goes through it’s own stages. The best part about making music is being able to take the idea that God has manifested with that person and how He shares it with us. When you’re making a song, one person may have a melody, the other the words, but how do you put it all together? That’s where God comes in.

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