Interview with DJ Patrick Noppert aka Patrick Dreama


I guess I always had an affair with Trance

Maybe you know him from his first remix for DJ Astrid her record the Spell back in 2003, or from his collabs with Touché Records co-founder and legend Jamez or maybe you don’t know him at all. Fact is Patrick Noppert is going to do it alone from now on under a new name and producing/DJ-ing his first love; Trance.

DJWhy the change to the name “Patrick Dreama” and where did Jamez go?

Well Jamez is still my best friend and on some of the new records he will be producing some of the melodies but the partnership as in Jamez & Plectric or Jamez & Soulboy is over. Jamez has other stuff he wants to put his energy in at the moment and I am just not finished with music yet. The decision was made to go solo. The name Patrick Dreama was already created 13 years ago but I never used I before. It was supposed to be a Trance project and it will be one, from now on.

You and Jamez were producing more Techno sounding records so making Trance your new style is the complete opposite. Why Trance?

Trance has never left me to be honest. I started buying Trance records back in 1996 and during my “career” I always stayed up to date with the music and their DJ’s. Now and then I produced a melody in my studio as well but never used them of course,  I am going to use them now! For me the step is logic, I have always loved this style of music so I am going to give it a go. I guess I always had an affair with Trance.

Tell us about your music.

My style will be a combination of all Trance related styles. You can expect a Trance 2.0 record but also an uplifting one. I am working on a great vocal record at the moment and there are a few tracks already signed to some great labels. I am waiting for approval to let the whole world hear my sounds. I am sure it will be soon!

What do you like most about your profession?

Working on melodies everyday and trying to create the sounds which are in your head. That last part is the biggest challenge. When a track is done and you can play it in front of a crowd and you see them go wild to your music is probably what I like most.

What is your favorite album from another artist?

I have always been a huge fan of Paul Oakenfold, and still am. Paul Oakenfold – Travelling is my favorite.

What is the formula for success in the music industry?

Work hard and don’t give up. These are probably the answers everyone will give but they are true. Make sure you do what you love is also a good one. Look at me for instance; from Trance to progressive to techno and back to Trance. Back to my old love. Maybe everyone will hate me for this choice but I do what I love and want and in the end it will make me happy (and maybe a few other people as well).


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