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I had the privilege to interview house and deephouse DJ and Producer B-Liv he is an electronic music artist. He achieved important nominations such as best dj in Mexico by the Dance Clubbing Awards. Read the interview to find out more.

Can you tell us about your upcoming release?

2015 promises to be a wonderful year, and is already beginning dramatically.

While several releases already got signed and scheduled for release in the upcoming months, in January I will be launching two very special works. On the one hand, is Tressor, a song with many deep and techno elements. It was signed by the prestigious label of Paris “Frigo Vide Records”, highly respected for the quality of artists and songs signed in the Deep House genre. The track is already available exclusively on Traxsource, and just a few days after the release this is already a featured Deep House release in the store and hoping to reach the charts, too.



The other release that is about to be launched is Love & Truth and is a very important song for 2 reasons. The first one is that I feel this as an evolution of my sound. I worked a lot on this one and finally I made the song sound the way I was expecting . The second reason is because thanks to this development I was fortunate that the renowned Italian duo The Deepshakerz (ToolRoom, Deeperfect, Lapsus), were interested on it and decided to sign the project to their label “Safe Music”. This is a great achievement because we are talking about a very important and highly coveted label in the world’s House scene . I am the first Latin American producer to sign with these two labels and that sets a good precedent for the house music scene in Mexico.


What is your favorite album from another artist?

It is a difficult question because as a DJ and music lover you’re falling constantly in love with a bunch of great albums and songs. It may vary according to mood and also depends somewhat on the seasons of the year but I could tell that in my sets there are recurring few songs. One of them is “Someone like you” by the  Copenhagen duo, SoulMagic.

Other songs that i also really enjoy

– Icon – Full Intention

– There Was a place -Wayne Williams

What song of yours are you proud of?

I am proud of all my work. Each and every one of my songs have determined a significant achievement, i have produced more than 40 songs in recent years, but there are a few of them that have marked key moments of my career:

“Cold War” (DJI 2013) is very important because it was signed by DJ International Records of Chicago, label icon in the history of the House where artists like Marshall Jefferson, Frankie Knuckles or Jesse Saunders signed their first jobs and now I feel lucky to be part of the same catalog.

Other 2 songs are “Move Your Body” (Marfil Records. 2014) and “That’s How I Feel” (Conkrete Uk. 2014) since they were the songs I first came on House Music lists with both ranking in the top 100 reaching No.40 on Traxsource

Also Is “A House Prayer” (Molacacho Records.2013). With this song I first came Soulful House lists to, ranking in the Top 30 for over 4 weeks.

And the latest is “I Won’t Love” (Frigo Vide Records. 2014). This song took me first to Deep House charts where it remained for nearly five weeks, ranking No.20 on Traxsource. This song also appeared in over 5 different Deep House compilations in Europe.

What is the formula of Success in the music industry?

Depends on what you call success. For me success is to be loyal to yourself. Is making music what makes you proud and if people wants to have it and listen it’s sure is a big plus.

The formula for this?  I think it has to do with the heart and effort you put in. The level of professionalism for what you do and self respect to your work. I’ve always said that “you do it right, or you better do not do it at all” and is a formula to be applied to life in general, I hate improvised things.

Another very important thing and that many top artists have forgotten nowadays is that no matter how high you get or how big your name is you should never lose your humility.

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    Yolie Covington

    The passion for the music started since you were a little kid and it has taken you very far. You have done a wonderful job all these years, my sincere CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!! Many more good things are coming !!!!.

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