Interview with dj and aspiring producer STANDARD YOUTH

STANDARD YOUTH is a DJ and aspiring producer that recently caught our attention through some mutual pals. We jammed out to his fashion friendly tunes and decided to do a small Q&A with the artist. Be sure to check out his latest release “So… I Made You this Mixtape” at .

My name is Louis. Though hardly anyone calls me that. I Live in New Orleans & I like carrot cake.

How and why did you first start mixing music?
I guess it just came natural. I’m a creative.. it’s all I’ll ever know. I’ve just always had music be an outlet for me.And why? I don’t know why. I guess I just couldn’t help it

You have a serious knack for mixing classic R&B hits into the mixes you’ve posted thus far, can you talk about that?
I grew up listening to pretty much everything else i could pump into my ears. Growing up I had a lot of time on my hands.. being that i grew up in the 90’s, i think that plays into my style, whatever that may be.

what inspires you most, not only in music but in general?
My mother. My pup. My close friends. Inspiration can come to me in the form of a movie, a sign or a girl with a summer dress, its a natural thing. Cant explain it.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.
I’m a spaz. Completely. I fall everywhere. Especially around the people I want to like me most.

Last words for our readers?
You’re making me uncomfortable lol. Smile. Comfort is overrated.



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