Interview with Dalal, Artist, Film Composer and Songwriter

When I grow up, I want to be a music Conductor, a professional finder of cool things and an Astronaut…My Mom thought those were agreeable choices

DALAL, is an Austrian born and raised Recording Artist, Film Composer and Songwriter. Born in Austria on Walpurgisnight or The Witches’ Night (since we are getting closer to HALLOWEEN) with a natural proclivity for music, Dalal began composing her first music pieces at age five.

Do you still remember your first composition?
My first piece was called “THE DONKEY” (at least the first piece I properly wrote down 😉 and every note was written in another color….it only had like 20 or so hahaha…I still have it somewhere in my home in Austria”

Here a little fun fact: Dalal’s ancestor Franz von Bruchmann was the lyricist for renowned composer Franz Schubert.

Dalal started playing piano and violin at age four and by her grammar school years, was a soloist for the Vienna International Gospel Choir and a violinist with the Vienna University Orchestra. Her theatrical career took her to stages in Vienna, Munich and Berlin where she held lead roles in performances of “Cats,” “Starlight Express” and “Elisabeth.”

Dalal studied at the University of Vienna, SAE Institute Vienna, Munich and Berlin and London Middlesex University. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree as well as a Diploma.

What was it like growing up in Austria? What prompted your move to the USA?
Growing up in Austria is vastly different from my life here in America. My move was due to  various forces that led me here. I was flown in for an audition for a girl group after being scouted by a US agent at a performance in Munich and was offered a seven year contract I didn’t end up signing, which however led me to a film I was cast in and so on and so forth! 🙂 During my university years in Austria I also had the opportunity to  work for a VFX company, called MECHNOLOGY as a VFX artist for various months in the United States that however led me again to music… all of these things overlapped over the course of a year.

In 2011/12 Dalal began her musical career in the United States, she topped the Billboard Breakout Charts in the US and the UK Pop Commercial and Dance Charts.

After her Pop Single release in the U.S and a successful East Coast Tour, Dalal started composing for various live art shows and also composed an orchestration for LIONAID UK for their Trafalgar Square Lionaid Concert, in London 2015.

From 2014 -16 she performed at the HOUSE OF BLUES (LA), the WHISKY A GO GO (LA), LA Convention Center, The Waldorf Astoria (NYC), NY Fashion Week, various RADIO AND LIVE TV SHOWS (Daftstar Live (LA), Red Bull/Servus TV (Austria), the BMI Acoustic sessions as well as at the BARBADOS MUSIC FESTIVAL, Classical /Pops end of 2016.

Dalal was nominated for a HOLLYWOOD MUSIC IN MEDIA AWARD for her music work on the documentary HAIR, which went on to win BEST DOCUMENTARY at the IFS Film Festival.

I know you probably get this question often but CLASSICAL OR POP?
Not as often as you’d think. People are awfully accepting of an artist that crosses genres, I’ve realized.

BOTH. I love and adore both. To me it’s the same in my heart. It’s so exciting to me to go to a studio session and work on a classical track with my musicians and the next day work on a pop piece with the same musicians. My Mixer, who is mixing both my classical and my pop work, once said that they both feel the same to him, they are both “Dalal,” which made me super happy! I love Classical and Pop and I will continue doing both.

I really LOVE THE QUIET HEART, it is such a wonderful story you’re telling musically, will there be a follow-up?Also, congratulations on your Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination!
Thank you very much that’s very kind of you! Yes, I’m currently in the last recording sessions for my new classical record called “FAMILIARS”

I’m beyond excited for it to go out into the world! It’s been such a pleasure writing it and recording it… Its inspirations came from all directions and caught me by surprise in so many ways.

We’ve been listening to your wonderful interpretations of renowned composer LUDOVICO EINAUDI’S compositions, tell us a little bit about that and can we look forward to an Album coming out?
YES! What a beautiful project to be a part of. We recorded on a lovely, handsome Yamaha piano in beautiful LONDON, one of my favorite cities in the world and it’s been a wonderful journey!

Each of Ludovico Einaudi’s pieces tells such an intricate story and to discover these stories was in itself a beautiful experience. I listened to so many of the compositions I got to play, when I was a little kid so that makes it all the more special.

And yes, there’ s currently an Album in preparation, which holds many of my very favorite musical pieces! 🙂







Dalal’s debut contemporary classics record “THE QUIET HEART”, celebrated its release on Oct, 2017 through THE ORCHARD, a subsidiary of Sony Music and do yourself a favor and listen HERE on SPOTTILY

or here on APPLE MUSIC

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