Interview with engagement jewelry

I am the marketing manager of – We are an upcoming affordable engagement jewelry website for young couples. We specialize in bringing new experience of engagement jewelry in much better prices.

In what way does your jewelry stand out from the pack?
Most diamonds we sell are Clarity enhanced – meaning – natural diamonds that were treated for better looks – all diamonds are certified and declared as treated. For this reason we are able to bring amazing looking diamond in very affordable prices

diamond_ringWhat is the brands philosophy?

Aiming to bring high quality jewelry in very affordable prices
We see that clarity enhanced diamonds are somehow “fall in between” and not for the right reasons We think when presented right and honestly they are an amazing product that enables the customer to get more diamond for less money.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Providing amazing affordable engagement rings for smaller budget. Starting the business was the hardest thing so far – took a lot of work to find the right “voice”

Where can our readers find you online?



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