Interview with blogger Sally Ruchman founder of Lemontrend

Sally Ruchman is one new blogger on the scene, and she is already making waves with her interviews to different personalities in the fashion world. Recently, she took time, to give us some insight on her blog, what are her inspiration and her passion.


ARAY5280How did Lemontrend start?
The idea of lemontrend came one night talking with my partner; since in Venezuela I used to work organizing the backstage of Fashions Shows, we wanted to show the behind scene of the Fashion World.


What inspired you to start your blog?
The fashion industry is huge, and there are a lot of people working hard to make it happen. Behind any publicity, every piece of clothes and of course behind each fashion show, there is a huge production, organization etc. In my blog, I want to show all the people who work hard to make it happen.

For example, the responsibility of a fashion photographer is big, the photograph has to tell a story in one or more pictures, a picture that has to express and reach millions of people. Also, the whole energy of a photo shooting is on the shoulders of the photographer, which makes a connection with the model.

Behind a big label, there are a lot of different departments and different designers for each department; as a team they create the next trends and bring fresh ideas. In Lemontrend, we want to support and discover new talents and give them a window to express their selves.


What was the biggest influence for your love of fashion?
In Venezuela, I studied Fashion Design, and since then I was deeply influenced by the fashion World. For me, fashion is an art of expression, and there are so many ways to express yourself through Fashion that I could not resist entering completely in this world.

In Venezuela, I had the opportunity to work for many talented designers, and each one of them influenced me in different ways… But in my last job, I learned another phase of fashion, the production phase.

I worked as a booker in one of the biggest Model Agency in Caracas, and there I had the opportunity to organize the backstage for every fashion show, during this period I was fascinated with the big production and organization behind each fashion show; starting with the casting of the models, organizing the exit with the designer, and so on.

I also had the opportunity to work in photo shootings for magazines, commercials and campaigns; all this inside open to me a whole different world, totally different than just design.


What is your favorite part of being a fashion blogger?
I love being able to have my own independent word and I always have something to say. But what makes me more passionate about my blog, is getting to know new people. I have been lucky enough to meet amazing people who have supported me all this way like Louis Mariette and Yasmin Heinz. They open a big door for me and welcome me in the European fashion world.


Where do you get ideas for your post?
I am constantly looking for new people, who inspire me, I get in contact with them, we write articles and offer ideas.


Who are your fashion icons?
One of my fashion icons is Louis Mariette because beyond a good friend, his creativity and his elegance as a milliner move me. Yasmin Heinz, I guess I am the number one big fan of her and her esthetics. She is not the normal makeup artist who makes you look beautiful, she goes beyond any barrier and always brings her style to the next level. Gary Talbot the very first Irish model to walk in the fashion week in London and New York is so simple and humble, that also inspires me to hold my feet on earth.


What is the difference between Latin Fashion and European Fashion?
In Latin-America, we have colors, all the colors combined in all possible ways, also the Latin woman is curvier and likes to embrace her curves, is sexier I can say. In Europe, the fashion is more elegant and sophisticated, and I found it also minimalistic. Each woman is different, but in a good way, for me it was really important to see and, of course, to understand this difference. I was fascinated with this difference as soon as I arrive in Europe for the first time…

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