Interview with Bells & Whistles

The gentleman of, Bells & Whistles, are exactly that to the fashion industry. Possessing the skills and talents needed to get the job done from conception to completion.

Today I did a short interview with Bells & Whistles, I really love their menswear collection. My favorite for the holiday season is the Red Buffalo Flanel Blouse and the Black Denim with Contrast Flannel Sleeves something you really need in your winter wardrobe!

What is the brand’s philosophy?
We are hard working men and women who are not fearful in rolling up our sleeves and taking on a hard days work. We learn from our hands and our minds are the wonderers.

What does your collection consist of? 
Creative melting pot consists of contemporary fashion trends with a strong visual sense of the early 1900’s.

Do you have any campaigns coming up?
We have a holiday collection with a cyber monday flash sale and 60% off!

Are you active on social media?
Yes check us out and like our page on Facebook and Instagram.



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