Interview with author and artist Mike Drake

I had the privilege to interview author and artist Mike Drake. His artwork has been displayed in numerous exhibits worldwide including MOMA’s PS1 in New York and he is the author of six books. Time Out New York magazine called him a “Curator Of Curiosities” in this interview we have a chat about his new book Contemporary Krampus 

krampusWhat inspired you to create Contemporary Krampus?
First, I’m a huge Krampus fan and always eager to tell people about him. Second, there are many excellent books available about Krampus, but none with contemporary artwork. Most of the images in collections of Krampus art are 50-100+ years old. I thought it was long past the time for a modern Krampus book with art by contemporary artists.

The book is packed full of art by 70 artists. It is perfect for both the novice and the die-hard Krampus fan. Contemporary Krampus has artists from around the world, from well known pros like Oblongs creator Angus Oblong to younger artists like Peter Skullkid. Buy one for the people on your “nice” list and then buy some for the people on your “naughty” list as well!

Your artwork is featured in numerous places worldwide what is your most memorable exhibit and why?
I don’t actually think of myself as an artist. I’m a writer first and foremost. As a writer, the first time I was paid to write, by Hugh Hefner of Playboy fame, was a great moment for me. I still have a copy of the check on the wall by my desk.

Can you tell us more about the exclusive Halloween Party where you will sign your books?
The event will be held at Ripley’s Times Square Odditorium in New York City on Halloween Night, 10/31/2015. I’ll be signing books and giving away a life-size Krampus to one lucky attendee! Ripley’s is pulling out all the stops for the events, not only offering food and drinks but live entertainment and 48 “secret” exhibits pulled from deep in Mr Ripley’s private vault just for the event. So not only is this an event for Krampus fans but for anyone who loves the odd, the unusual, and the bizarre! You can learn more at

What future projects are you working on?
My honey and I just moved to a new home, so my immediate project is unpacking a few hundred boxes. After that, I’ll be working on a book about FeeJee Mermaids.

Where can readers find you online? 

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    I love learning about myths, legends, and folklore from all around the world. Krampus is one of the more interesting ones. For something so ‘creepy and evil’ to have been so mainstream that he was featured regularly on Victorian cards is fascinating to me. Those images are great and I still love them but there was a dearth of modern images – not any more! Thank you Mike Drake for putting together such an amazing collection! I will be getting a copy for a few “naughty” people on my list.

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