Interview with artist Tyler Rose

I had the privilege to interview RAW artist Tyler Rose. He will be attending ARISE Ottawa showcase on September 20th. You can get tickets here: Read the interview to find out more about his work!

How does your day job of FX animation translate to your own work?
I am lucky enough to have a job where I’m still drawing everyday, keeps me on my toes. The majority of the content I work on is for a younger audiences. So to answer your question on how it translates to my own work. Perhaps that is why my material is of darker content. Letting the demons out instead of keeping them bottled in and just animating pixie dust. Also having to use a digital medium at work. It is nice, in my own time. To work outside of the digital mediums. I guess the furthest from that would be burning into wood.

If you had to choose which medium do you prefer more, ink or woodworking? Why?

Tough to say, but since i have to choose I think I would pick woodworking. There is just something about the process that i find so rewarding. Once im done a piece I will find a place in my studio or shop. A lot of the time getting to attached to the piece and never selling it. Plus just the smell of burned wood is enough to make my first choice. Canvas and ink doesn’t smell as good.

What’s next for Tyler Rose?
I think continuing to sharpen my wood burning skills. Early on I had done some large scale pieces. I would like to get back into pieces on that scale again. It is very time consuming work, but I enjoy the process. Its a constant balance, trying to find the time to do what you love and doing things that pay the bills. Expanding my work and getting my pieces into galleries is also a goal. Not just because Im running out of space in my house, but mostly.
What do you have planned for the upcoming Ottawa ARISE showcase on September 20th?
I am going to bring my A-game of course! I love RAW events, and living out in the middle of nowhere, out side of the city. It gives me a chance to exhibit and sell to the awesome people that come through these shows, Folks that don’t usually get a chance to see my twisted and dark art work. I am looking forward to it. I love receiving e-mails and photos from people that have purchased my pieces, showing where they have found a special place in there home for them.

ThornsDecor- Not your Grandmothers home decor… Unless, you Grandmother is one dark twisted lady.

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