Interview with Artist Jamour Chames

Art is my passion. I love creating and also I’m really passionate about making a difference. With art I am fulfilling my passion and also my desire to make a difference.

Where were you born and raised?
I was born and raised in Covington, Kentucky. Moved right after high school to Atlanta, GA.   I live in New York City now.

How long have you be involved in the arts?
I’ve always been interested in art as a kid. Growing up my parents were worried about me ‘becoming a starving artist,’ and not being able to make a living in art, so I was guided down a different route. I worked as a graphic designer/ brand consultant for the past five years and last year had my first art show.

Why art?
Art is my passion. I love creating and also I’m really passionate about making a difference. With art I am fulfilling my passion and also my desire to make a difference.

You went by the name, ‘The Branding Artist’ as a graphic designer/ brand consultant. Why?
That’s what my clients got. I’m truly an artist first, with ‘The Branding Artist,’ I provided a niche set of services that was specifically for clients wanting to brand their company or individuals. One thing that i’ve learned that in all great things or services there has to be focus. I just focused on the set of services required to develop and package brands.

How much of ‘The Branding Artist’ is in your brand as an artist?
I keep ‘The Branding Artist’ and my fine art completely separate. My experience as ‘The Branding Artist’ has been really beneficial in be packaging myself as an artist. As a brand consultant I got a chance to work intimately with people developing their brands and I focused on creating authentic and organic brands. So it’s really helpful understanding certain principles and applying it to my fine art.


What are you working on right now?
Right now i’m working on my art collection celebrating women ‘Girl All Over The World.’

What inspired this collection?
There was a lot of things that inspired. The actual artwork was inspired by Felita Harris. She’s a fashion executive that has focused her career on globally expanding fashion brands. She was one of the first people I was introduced to in New York, through her sister Tracey Baker-Simmons who has also been very influential in my life. New York in general was inspiring because it was a place that I’ve always dreamed about and have wanted to go. And on top of that to meet such an amazing person like Felita really raised the bar. Feilta was always traveling to different countries. She was such an helpful and caring person. She was just an all around amazing woman and definitely a great example. I started with the New York piece and then I expanded and developed the ‘Girl All Over The World’ art collection because like Felita there has been many women in my life that inspired me, that has paved the way, and that have supported me. And also throughout my studies in Art History I realized that there was a lack of celebrating women in art and reflecting women in a positive light or in a powerful way.

Why New York Fashion Week and London Fashion Week?
I would say fashion week inspired the collection as well. Felita gave me the opportunity to work during market week while she was at Donna Karan, which was an amazing introduction to New York. I had an amazing experience and it felt like a movie. When I was going to the showroom I even rode the elevator with Anna Wintour. I’m grateful to be able to have a show during fashion week.

What are you future goals?
I want to get ‘Girl All Over the World’ everywhere, in every country and also to create artwork that connects to each place. With each show and each collection the viewers are able to see ‘The Girl All Over The World’ interacting with the city and the culture within it. I’m amazed how many different women connect and identify with the pieces. I also have another body of work that I’ve been developing for years that is an inspirational art exhibit, but that’s for later.

How can people connect with you?
They can visit my website at I’m also on instagram on

Upcoming shows:

Girl All Over The World New York

Feb 10, 2016

Playroom Theatre

(Times Square)

151 W 46 St

New York, New York 10036


Girl All Over The World London

Feb 19- 26, 2016

The Cavendish Room

56 New Cavendish St

London, United Kingdom

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