Interview with artist Jamie-Lee Dimes

Jamie-Lee Dimes, not only a rising influential artist with almost ten thousand followers on Instagram, is a talented singer, songwriter, musician, dancer, and stylist, who caught my attention in 2011 after MTV featured her personal style. She has since moved to New York to go to dance school on Broadway, released an EP, Moved to California, is an active advocate for sustainable fashion, spent time in Mexico, showcasing her newest collaborations with Photographer WonderValleyGirl, and is releasing new music this Friday, March 1st for her next full-length album. 

Her Instagram is filled with style, outfits, travel, photo shoots, and her music – enough to leave our readers totally envious and in awe of her life, you will want to follow her every move. 

We asked her to be apart of our next post, asking the artist a couple of questions about her new work, and experiences. We hope you enjoy. Follow her on social media, her single is dropping this Friday, so set your alarm and head to Spotify and iTunes Friday Morning, you won’t want to miss it. 

What inspired you on writing this next album?
I’ve had a lot of personal changes in the last two years while writing this album. I’ve moved from Brooklyn to Jersey, to California. I spent every month from July – December in Mexico and had a lot of terrible endings, deaths, breakups, and painful experiences in the last 12 months. The album started with me channeling my political rage into songs in New York after the election, to staring at mountains in the middle of the desert to writing raw songs on Spanish guitars in the middle of the mountains of Mexico. Now I’m in Australia finishing my album and it all just feels. 

What is your philosophy in the industry?
My friend Monserrat Indarte and I were once discussing the assholes in art, and I came up with three rules. The first rule is “Get over yourself.” If you are doing music or art or any kind of expression from an ego driven place, then it probably won’t be serving anyone other than yourself, so what is the point? What is your purpose? It’s also a reminder to stop being your biggest obstacle and literally get over yourself. 

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Surviving my twenties. Moving countries four times, renovating a sixty-year-old house in the middle of the California desert in summer while watching everything in my life fall apart. Being almost at the finish line of a two-year project I thought many times would not be completed. 

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