Interview with artist Elizabeth Tryon

Elizabeth Tryon

A classical crossover singer with mainstream appeal, Elizabeth’s greatest passion is combining pop and classical music.

Tell us about your music
My sound is a blend of classical crossover and dance music. I’m similar to artists Lindsey Stirling, Josh Groban, and I’ve even been compared to Madonna in her early years, because she released a mixture of ballads and dance music. (People even say my voice sounds a bit like her when I’m singing pop music.)

What do you like most about your profession?
I love getting the chance to be creative and to perform for people – and getting paid for doing that!

What’s your favorite album from another artist?
That’s a hard question, I enjoy so many albums. I’m going to go with Enya’s album, Watermark.

What song of yours are you most proud of?
For ballads, I’d say my song “You’re Still Mine”. I wrote it about dealing with separation, and it was chosen as the soundtrack to a US Armed Forces tribute video. I heard from a lot of people who said that the song helped them feel less alone as they struggled with loss, and that is absolutely huge for me.

For dance music, my song “Brave”, because it also carries a message that I’m proud of.

What is the formula for success in the music industry?
I think the formula for success is to find a niche of people who are interested in your sound and then do everything possible to get your songs in front of them.

Elizabeth Tryon

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