Interview with artist Bones & Stitches

Depending on the level of detail my back patches take anywhere from 30-100 hours.

I had the opportunity to interview artist Bones & Stitches she creates art with needle and thread. Work of Bones & Stitches will be featured during Premiere in Toronto on Feb 7. You can get your ticket here for Feb 5th/6th/7th (different artists on each night, one ticket gets you in for all three nights): –
Read the interview to find out more about Bones & Stitches.

What drew you to embroidery as an artistic medium?
I could always sew but it wasn’t until my partner started bringing home patches for me to sew onto his jacket that I thought, I could probably do this! I have always been an artist but you cant paint while you’re sitting on the couch watching tv. I started stitching little things and I just fell in love. Plus it keeps me away from touching screens. It keeps my idle hands busy and lets me create something I see in my head but cant draw or paint… but with a needle and thread I can make it happen.

Your pieces are very whimsical. What inspires your work?
I am mostly inspired by songs, creatures, and jokes. A lot of my pieces are what I picture song lyrics coming to life would look like. Some of my stuff is a bit “punny” and I like to mix cute animals with angry or odd lyrics of songs. Basically, if it makes me giggle, I stitch it.

Your hand-stitched embroidery is amazing! How long does one of your hand-stitched back patches take? 
Depending on the level of detail my back patches take anywhere from 30-100 hours. When a large piece take a long time I go through stages of loving and hating it, back and forth, over and over. I love starting it, seeing it start to come to life and then on like hour 75 I want to throw it out the window. But then, when it’s almost done I am in love again.

What do you have planned for the RAW Artists Toronto showcase on Friday February 7th at the Mod Club?
I have a few larger scale pieces I will be debuting for the first time. “Thread paintings” I call them. I have been getting into mixed media fibre art so I hope people respond to it the way they do my patches. I will also have some special show prices on some of my little stuff and a few show exclusives that you’ll just have to come and see in person 😉

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