Interview with artist Alaina Langford, Furry First Portraits

I recently did an interview with Alaina Langford founder of Furry First Portraits. She has a passion for painting animals and will be showcasing her work for the upcoming Edmonton ARISE showcase on September 19th:

Why do you prefer painting on a black canvas?

I prefer to paint on a black canvas because I love to paint with beautifully bright colors , the black canvas really helps to make those colors pop!

Do you have a favorite type of animal you like to paint?
I have enjoyed challenging myself with painting a variety of animals but I would have to say the piece that captavated me the most was my lion. Such a beautiful and majestic animal!

What is the most difficult animal to paint?

The most difficult animal I find to paint would have to be a poodle! The one texture I just cannot wrap my head around yet. I will certainly master this challenge in the future!

What’s next for Furry First Portraits?
The immediate future for Furry First Portraits is gearing up for Christmas! Furry First clients all seem to want that favorite pet as a portrait gift for their loved ones! Long term future for Furry First Portraits, I wish to finish my wildlife series. I am always looking for photograph for this series!

What do you have planned for the upcoming Edmonton ARISE showcase on September 19th?
I am incredibly excited to participate in the upcoming show Edmonton ARISE on September 19th! I will be showcasing my wildlife series! Featuring the beautiful lion painting I got lost in many times and many more vibrantly colored wild animals! As well as promoting my custom pet portraits, I will be offering a 10% discount to those attending the show that send me a picture of their beloved pet by the 15th of October!

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