Interview with Anne Howard, Lead Strategist and Founder of the AH Marketing Group

In the past six months, we successfully manage three crowdfunding campaigns and I was able to recruit and to bring together a strong group of seasoned professionals in various disciplines to join AH Marketing Group.

I had the privilege to interview Anna Howard she is the founder of AH Marketing Group an international boutique agency from San Francisco. Their clients vary from consumer, tech, health, entertainment and crowdfunding company’s, a dynamic market that has been featured in major news outlets like The New York Times, CNN and Techcrunch. AH Marketing Group knows how to bring a story to life that’s what they have been doing the last 20 years they are known for their innovative approach. They help gain credibility and maximize their clients sales growth through brand recognition.

If you want to maintain a competitive advantage marketing innovation is key. AH Marketing group is specialized in doing just that, they transform how businesses communicate their marketing and sales message and know how to get in front of an audience and capture their attention. AH Marketing Group’s success comes in part from understanding how to tell compelling stories that serve as a magnet and bring a launch of a new product or campaign to life. From strategic planning to reputation management they cover all forms of communication to make your marketing campaign a success.

AH Marketing Group also delivers services in web development and design they are aware of the fact that your online identity has a huge impact of your overall marketing and branding strategy and know how to communicate the value of your product. In this interview Anna Howard will explain what her company is all about and she has some great advice for other tech and marketing entrepreneurs that are starting up their business.

Anne HowardHow did you come up with the idea for AH Marketing Group?
I have worked as an independent business consultant for over two decades and saw that the best way to help my clients thrive and exceed all of their business expectations was to bring aboard other senior level professionals in complimentary discipline and open an Agency. With this new approach, AH Marketing Group can offer solutions every step of the way, starting with strategies, Web development and design, marketing and advertising, and finally public relations. With this approach, we can address the particular needs of a company launching a crowdfunding campaign, or one looking to rebrand or launch a new product.

What is AH Marketing Group’s mission?
AH Marketing Group is an international boutique agency based in San Francisco devoted to developing the most effective marketing solutions to help our clients thrive and surpass all their expectations. Our mission is to create innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve our clients’ business.

Our motto is: “We bring life to brands.”

What would you consider to have been  your greatest achievement so far?
In the past six months, we successfully manage three crowdfunding campaigns and I was able to recruit and to bring together  a strong group of seasoned professionals in various disciplines to join AH Marketing Group. From published tech reporters to gifted web designers and marketers, I am extremely proud of the talent recruited under our roof.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business?
Take the team to recruit a team of professionals who excel in their own disciplines. Do not expect every team member to be good at everything and learn how to delegate. Also make sure to offer an incentive for potential clients to sign up to your services or to purchase your products. For instance, we have been successful at attracting new business with our offer to Book Now a one-hour free consultation to all new clients. Be generous.

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