Interview with Alexandra John founder of Women Online Club

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Find what you love, don’t be afraid to start, do not give up at the first sign of failure.

I had the privilege to interview Alexandra John founder of Women Online Club a company focused on supporting and inspiring women who want to start their own business. Read the interview to find out more.

_DSC5001_smallWhat inspired you to start Women Online Club?
I’ve always been inspired by the clients I meet in my consulting work. Many of them, both men and women, keep on running into the same issues when running their business, ranging from sales, establishing a company to marketing etc. Since women in business use a different skill set than men and have a different business viewpoint, I decided to establish a company to promote women in business and keep developing and inspiring them.

Are successful women entrepreneurs different from men?
It is said that men are good leaders and visionaries, they are more competitive and combative, however, this comes with the cost of overestimating their egos occasionally, having less empathy and adaptability. Women have better intuition, they do not seek out conflict so much, they have the ability to listen, are empathetic and patient. They can therefore manage a company and their team just as well as men, although in a different manner.

Your top 3 tips for women entrepreneurs
Find what you love (passion), don’t be afraid to start (courage), do not give up at the first sign of failure (don’t give up)

How can our readers stay up to date with Women Online Club and your latest projects?
We’re preparing many news for WomenOnline.Club members. At this time, they can already find an application to create a business plan on our website, which is crucial for every business. All they need to do is register. We’re also preparing free Q&A advice for members. They’ll be able to send their question to a mentor who is an expert in their field – finance, marketing, business, etc.

I would like to emphasize that membership is free of charge.


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