Interview with actress Gizem Senel

I had the privilege to interview Gizem Senel from Istanbul. She is an actress and director, known for Killing Time (2013) and R.E.D (2014). She graduated from the “Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Art and Design – Cinema/TV Acting (Dramatic Arts) in 2010. Senel has a soprano vocal range. Her style is lyric coloratura soprano is 3,5 octaves.

gizemTell us about yourself and what you do
My  name is Gizem Senel I was born in Turkey, Istanbul. I’m an actress and director.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Meryl streep inspires me because the characters that she plays, she create them and own them beautifully

What is your greatest achievement so far?
I’ve sang the Diva Aria parties, in some opera’s and I graduated from acting school with a 3th degree.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
Just be yourself, don’t panic while acting. Actually there are loads of things to tell..

You have been acting since the age of six, how did you catch the acting bug?
I can say that I was really curious about everything back then, especially when it came to entertainment business, I was really confident and happy mostly in singing and acting. They always felt like home. I was the “funny but weird” one in the class. I wasn’t popular or anything in fact, I was a really quiet student. I first discovered that our school had an acting course by my best friend. She encouraged me to join the club. First I was hesitant and shy then I said yes and my journey started like that.

You graduated from the prestigious Istanbul Kultur University, Faculty of Art and Design – Cinema/TV Acting Dramatic Arts in 2010. Why was it important for you to get the education needed to pursue your dream? Was this you first choice of schools to attend and how did you enjoy your time there?
I always wanted to study arts and get a good degree from it. I’ve never imagined myself doing or studying something I dislike, it’d feel like torture. I wanted to study and experiment everything about acting. Because I believe when you’re in school you can automatically concentrate on your work because of the environment and your classmates. And yes, university was my first choice. Time passed really fast in university actually with my favorites being theatre rehearsals and opera lessons. If I had a time machine, I would definitely go back.

What do you think is unique about being an artist (actor, singer, director) in Turkey, as opposed to being an artist elsewhere?
Nothing actually. It’s the same. All I can say;TV-Series are the main priority in entertainment business in last years, so people started to forsake theatre. And that’s the bad news in my opinion.

What are some of your favorite films and/or musicians?
Favourite films are; Submarine and The Double. Musicians-Composers would be; W.A. Mozart, The Distillers and Queen.

Can you describe the short film you directed and starred in, “Killing Time?”
Killing Time is a post-apocalyptic short film. It is about a female russian soldier who wants to kill the time literally.

You are working on another short titled R.E.D, what can you tell us about that?

It’s an experimental short film about the relationship between a new born android and her maker.

What else are you working on next and what are you goals for the future?
I’m currently working on another short film project called Lost At Sea. I would like to continue my theatre studies in England in the future. I would like to be really active in the future and work with some of my idols and spread the pure nature of acting to the world.

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