Interview with actress and filmmaker Maria Luna

actress, filmmaker, Maria Luna

Maria Luna is an international actress and filmmaker. Since she was about 5 years old she’s always been performing and creating. She graduated from UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) to become part of the Theater, Film and Television Department program. Luna started working at QED international before graduating. Maria also studied in the Stella Adler conservatory in New York where she invested her ‘lunch money’ money in attending as manny Broadway plays as possible.

In Los Angeles, she studied with many well known professors, such as Howard Fine, Mary Lou Belly, Arthur Mendoza, Cameron Thor Studio or Judith Weston. In her professional career, Maria has worked in varios movies as an actor such as I.D Starship Rising or The Sheriffs and in production or directing department of others such as Palo Alto, Rabi Dan Gets a Night Job and Journey of a Female Comic. And written and directed the films A Romanian Fairytale and Dada. Both narrating stories with a social justice theme.

Making movies gives her the chance to unite her two passions: film and volunteer work. Although, as any actor, she loves any juicy role she can get her hands on, her goal is to be part of or create movies that can reflect what is going on around the world and give a voice to those no one is listening to.

Maria Luna

What are the highlights of your career so far?
Graduating from UCLA, working and learning from the Coppola family. I worked in the production side and got one line in Gia Coppola’s first film. I did a few features that were a great experience as an actress, but I think my short about prostitution in Kenya was an amazing experience because I got to tell their stories.

Which actress do you most identify with or admire? And why?
Katharine Hepburn. She grew up as a tomboy and was very connected to her masculine side. Because of her voice, features and her persistence in wearing pants, they told her she would never succeed. Which is something they have told me multiple times as a white looking Hispanic woman who behaves in many occasions like a man. She was powerful and strong in her convictions. And she always challenged herself, growing as an actress. ‘Bringing up Baby’ or ‘ Philadelphia Stories’ are some of my favorite films.

What advice do you have for actresses who are just starting out?
To train. Train in the classics. Shakespeare. Chekhov. Read as many plays as possible. Watch movies from the 40s and 50s. And be well rounded. We are story tellers, the more we know, the better rounded we are, the better we will be at telling those stories.

Maria Luna

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