Interview with actor Frank Fazzio

Today I’m speaking with Frank Fazzio who plays the character of Alexander Dumont in the soon to be released web series Third Son: The Black Files. Frank has not only collaborated on this project and others with Steve James but is a director and producer in his own right. I’m looking forward to the many films produced by this talented group of people and what the future brings! Frank thanks for taking the time to speak with me.

I understand that Steve James specifically had you in mind and approached you to play the part of Dumont. In what ways would you say you identify with the character?
Yes, I still tell the story of how thrilled I was Steve continued believing I was the person to be Dumont. I identify with Dumont based on many life experiences.

The chase scene looks intense; do you enjoy action sequences versus regular dramatic scenes?
The more diverse and challenging roles any actor or actress is willing to tackle, the more one grows. Steve James’s writing and style of directing brings out the best in his cast. To answer your question YES! I enjoy action sequences and being challenged and look forward to more action sequences with Alexander Dumont.

What types of challenges would you like to see your character face in the upcoming webisodes?
There are still many sides to Alexander Dumont’s character that have not been revealed. Never judge a book by its cover. But I’m not giving anything away just yet. You will need to stay tuned for the unexpected and a ride you will never forget!

I also understand that you do cinematography and helped with that in this project. Do you enjoy working behind the camera, and do you have a preference about which side of the camera you are on?
Steve and me have collaborated on projects for many years on a range of genres. I’ve always been in front and behind the camera by my own choice. So when Steve offered the part of Alexander Dumont to me, I read the book and was hooked. Then once he became aware of my talents as a director and cinematographer and how well we worked together, the circle was complete.

For many, the natural progression is acting to directing. My passion is making quality films surrounded by people with the same mindset and who respect the talent and efforts given by both cast and crew. So I will continue working in front of the lens and behind the lens for now.

You also have a project coming up entitled “Jean” that you are due to start filming soon, can you tell me a little about it?
Yes, Jean a closely biographical story of events that took place in my family’s life. It’s a touching and heartwarming story; a 180 from The Black Files. I’m pleased and excited to have Steve James bring in talents and creative eye as lead Cinematographer on this film. I’m one of the principal lead characters. Between the writing, editing producing, directing and acting I guess you could say I’m taking the grand slam!

Thank you Frank! Third Son: The Black Files will be available Oct. 8th and has an online release party planned. Be sure to check it out!

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