Interview with actor and model Bhairav Bhavsar

Bhairav Bhavsar, Actor and a Model talks about his memorable photo shoots and the pros of modeling and we got to know the man behind the face in this new exclusive interview.

How did you first get into modeling? And how long have you been modeling?
It all started when I was in college, while I was majoring in business and at that time I was also looking for something do to kill time. One day I saw an ad from an agency, and they were looking for a male model to participate in modeling competition.  I have always loved the fashion industry so I thought to myself let me try, what do I have to lose (Laugh). I didn’t win the competition but, I loved the attention I received from the photographers, media and so on. I didn’t know my hobby will become part of my life (Smile).  Now, I have been modeling for almost 6 years on and off.

What does your family think about you being a model?
I have a pretty big family and I am the only one from my entire family happens to be in this industry so they are very excited and very supportive.

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style is very basic, a simple t-shirt with a jean or slack and blazer or jacket.  I like comfortable clothes, it doesn’t have to a designer/fancy, it could be any brand as long as I am comfortable and suits me.

Do you ever get shy in front of camera?
Sometimes.  It depends if I am doing a shoot in studio or in public.  Because then public are staring at you and your all alone in front of the camera (Laugh)

What are the pros of being a model?
I have an opportunity to travel and meet people from different culture and background and modeling gives me that.  I have learned a lot from doing what I do.

And what are the cons?
The only cons that I can think of is that when you first start out you have to work for free a lot and that’s when lots of people try to stop modeling

What other passion you have outside of modeling?
Well, I love sports. I love playing basketball, volleyball, tennis, racket ball mostly any sport.  But what I enjoy the most is Golf.

What advice would you give to other aspiring models?
Be confident. Be your-self.  Network and be sociable and have a positive attitude.  Nobody wants to work with a negative person or people they don’t like.

If there is something that people may not know about you that you can share with us?
Well most of the people reading this probably don’t know anything about me (Smile) but I am pretty shameless (Laughs)

Where can we follow you?
Instagram: BhairaavBhavssar
Twitter: @AnalystBhairav

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