Interview with accessories designer Julie Bessette

Julie Bessette is an accessories designer from Montreal. She will be showcasing her work on September 10th during Arise. She launched her first fashion accessories lign in Bali. She now presents a line of jewellery that is inspired by the idea of the talisman and she is transferring her search for wisdom, harmony and aesthetic into the fashion adornments she creates.

Showcase information can be found here: When you buy a ticket you will be able to come on both nights. There will be different designers showcasing their work on  September 10th/11th. Read the interview to find out more about Julie Bessette.

How have your travels inspired your designs?

The places I travelled to have EVERYTHING to do with my designs because it holds the philosophy and spirituality that I beleive in and that I embody.   I have been to places where the ancient wisdom is put up front, where they still do blessings to thank life and where they honor the beauty of it.  By being in contact with that lifestyle, I found a sacred place inside me and it has never left me since.  That is the place from which I talk, I move, I create, I love.

Is there a philosophy behind your choice of materials? If so how do you select your materials?
The materials are my source of inspiration.  Natural and organic material will make me connect to the essence of nature and the history it holds. From there, I follow the harmony that is guided to me.

I believe that intention can be transfered into an object just like how talimans carry the energy of a thought or an intention.

My quest (or philosophy) is to manifest Harmony and then bring it out there to the people as an offering.

What’s next for Julie Bessette?
Take care of all Life around me and input lots of Love.

What do you have planned for the upcoming Montreal ARISE showcase on September 10th?
I will be presenting my latest creations, talismans and body adornments made with natural semi-precious stone, leather, feathers and other organic noble material.  All blessed with magical and positive intention.

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