Interview with Shilpi Dhingra co-founder of the architecture and interior design firm SD Inc.


Shilpi Dhingra is the co-founder of SD Inc. SD Inc. is a Delhi based architecture and interior design firm focused on creating high quality homes, offices and spaces that are sophisticated, timeless and innovative

Tell us about yourself and what you do
Hi! I am Shilpi Dhingra, A daughter, a wife and a proud mother. I belong to a small town of U.P. which is majorly male dominated society of Indian suburbs. I consider myself lucky enough to be blessed with parents and grandparents who educated us without being biased about the gender. Being a nature lover, I love to travel a lot. I have traveled from small cities to metros, north to south, low to riches to understand and to study the lifestyle and came to conclusion that every human has a specific need and aspiration for their dream home where they can relate to and can feel the comfort and sense of safety.

Particularly, for those who spend more time at home are kids and old age people so it is utmost important to understand their pulse before getting started. As an interior designer, I interact with my clients and their kids and their parents and even to their domestic help also to understand what they aspire from their home.

Design and aesthetic sense is something which is inherited into me by my family and kids where I personally take care of their choices about their lifestyle and comfort.

It has helped me a lot to understand the need of people looking for lifestyle as well as comfortable functional homes. Every human is different so their requirement and comfort level.

There may be a different set of requirements, different moods, different choices of colors, but then we organize and assemble every aspect and compose a scheme which effectively gels with their aspirations.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?
Well this is a tricky one. I am inspired by lot of people around me. Particularly from my husband who has given me the free hand to explore, learn and implicate.

Then I get inspired by the nature. This is so generic. Nothing is abrupt. As a kid, I always wanted to draw a line between 2 spaces where it is raining and where it is dry.

But then gradually I understood the nature that nothing is abrupt and it is a kind of a gradient from high to low, dark to light. The transition of seasons, days and geography is all gradual and designed. This generic approach is the essence of my design.

Last but not the least, my parents and my in-laws, who believed in me, motivated me and supported me throughout my journey to reach where I am today.

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What is your greatest achievement so far?
Being a working woman and entrepreneur, I have established myself in the competitive market where people acknowledge my work and appreciate my design and approach. Starting my life as a small-town girl to a young entrepreneur is my greatest achievement I believe.

Do you have any tips for our readers that are trying to break in the industry?
For those who want to kick start their career as an entrepreneur, I would suggest them to be spontaneous. Be transparent and assess your strength and weaknesses before getting started.

Every human is gifted in some way or another and the only need is to find out the special “you” about you and then sky is the limit.

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