Interview: Ose Cornelisse designer and founder of Monocerose

Monocerose  is all about creating conceptual fashion made wearable.
MONOCEROSEWhat inspired you to start Monocerose?
It has always been my dream to start and build my own fashion house. After working for various brands and companies i ended up as head designer for Cross Colours. This has been the spark and the trigger to think about realizing my dream. I feel that we are in desperate need of more fun and color in these troubled times, how nice is it to express this through my designs!

Can you tell us about the creative process?
My creative process is a fluent and organic process – this can start when i’m listening to a song or seeing a image in a magazine. These are all starting points, from thereon i try to match and combine the old and the new. The signature of the designs are elements and influences that determine my style. Main keywords are Old Skool, Pop Art, Urban, Glamour, Fresh and Funky. The creative process is a combination of hard work and staying open for new influences.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?
The birth of my son: Ciro.

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