Interview: MuDesign Jewelry

I believe that art is transferred by a master-apprentice tradition.

Workbench and workshop 1What inspired you to start MuDesign Jewelry?
Mudesigns name is based on a very old inspiration. Actually I started my career as an industrial product designer and interior architect. In fact, I gave lectures at two major Universities in Istanbul, one lecture still continues.

I started Mudesign Jewelry by doing literature research on jewelry about 6 years ago. I’ve worked with masters in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar there are at least 1500-2000 years of experience, maybe more and that is a very important value. I believe that art is transferred by a master-apprentice tradition.

Since the beginning, my interests were particularly esoteric and symbolic themed men’s jewelry. By combining my design experience with esoteric symbolism, this design style appeared.

Soon I will design jewelry for women as well as men’s, well themed, mystical in itself, occult and esoteric themed, containing symbols and absolute legends and beliefs based on stories. It’s all in my head.

Can you tell us about the creative process?
It’s very interesting that my design process never stops. Even a product finished physically, on one side of my head it still develops, just like a caterpillar in a cocoon continues to take shape in his own quiet world.

The basis for the formation of a design is requirements. Requirements are given to designers and that is the work order. Or, as I did in my Mudesign requirements are determined by us, and the designs made for those requirements.

The esoteric jewelry always had many similarities in the themes and the same symbols were used over and over, but there are so many themes and symbols to be used. Even I used so few, yet.

Even while writing these lines, half of my thoughts are working on a product. What impresses me the most is how a product front of my eyes just fits my the one in my thought process. Of course, it’s not easy. Being a designer for years and knowing the materials is not enough. Finding the right people and the right method is very time consuming. This time factor shows the fact that the value of a final product can’t be determined by the price tag.


What has been your greatest achievement so far?
Success is very closely related to a person’s perspective. I never confused it with monetary value. In my 40 years of my professional life there were times that I earned a lot of my money but the moment I put on the first ring that I designed was priceless. Besides, I’m happy when designing my jewelry, and when I hear good things about my designs make me happy. As a result, a part of this happiness turns into money and motivation for the next product.

What is the brand’s philosophy?
In fact, a summary of what I told shows the philosophy of my brand. Every design we make has necessarily an esoteric meaning. We craft with the absolute best workmanship and most established crafting methods possible. We never compromise those principles. In our custom designs the best solution is recommended to our customers. We put a great value to customer input and we do over the designs. Customer satisfaction is always ensured.

Where can our readers find you online?
You can find me and my products on at the moment ( and I think I couldn’t find a better place ) New products are being added every day to my etsy page. There are also some custom products that I don’t show them on the page but available on demand. I would like to add that I in about a week I will have contacts in the USA. New developments possible, but again, I will announce to you first via Nora.


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