Interview: Marcella Guzman, independent consultant with Perfectly Posh

picture-61035-1396646016I had the honor to interview Marcella Guzman she’s an independent consultant with Perfectly Posh,  if you love to be pampered, feel pretty you will love the  natural based products! Perfectly Posh is a fun, new pampering line that you’ll be proud to wear and share. Visit:

Can you tell us what’s special about your business?
I’m an independent consultant with Perfectly Posh. Every product is made in the US in Northern California & Vermont. One of the best things about posh is that its cruelty free and offers a wide variety of vegan products.

What motivated you to start an eco-friendly business/brand?
I started this business because I was wanting to share better alternatives then whats out there. Both Affordable and eco-friendly.

What green issues are you most passionate about?
Recycling is really big to my family. Its one of the reasons why i love posh every container is recyclable. not only do we pamper the planet we pamper you.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?
The best advice is to spread the word teach your kids, family, friends, basically anyone of the benefits of your business.


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