Interview: Gina Samarotto, designer and luxury travel writer

I had the privilege to interview Gina Samarotto, Gina is an award winning designer and freelance journalist. Gina is the Principal Designer with the Samarotto Design Group, and she works as a Senior Editor with both Private Air Luxury Home Magazine and Private Air New York. Read the interview to find out more.

1Tell us about yourself
I am a designer specializing in both interiors and landscape, so when I was first approached for luxury travel, it seemed like a very organic extension of what I was already doing. While I am not designing the places I visit, I am putting the aesthetics into words so that my readers can feel as f they are experiencing it, too.

Can you tell us about your work as a travel writer?
Working as a travel writer has allowed me to indulge my love of travel AND my love of design. By writing about the experiences with a designer’s eye – it gives my readers a much richer sense of the destination.

What is your favorite destination?
I’m very fortunate to have been able to travel to eight countries this year. With each destination being so different, it’s difficult to choose a favorite… but I do have a soft spot for France and Italy!

Design website:
Twitter: @samarottodesign
Instagram: @samarottodesign


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