Interview with the founders of The Drinkers App

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We as founders believe in one key factor “simplicity” so we made this app really really simple and clean yet so powerful on the backend.

How did you come up with the idea for drinkers?

Currently, one of the main issues one faces when going out spontaneously to a unique bar or restaurant is being able to find that unique bar or restaurant without having to spend a bunch of time on reading through multiple reviews or going over ratings, let alone find the correct information on the drink specials at these unique spots. Our goal was to solve that problem of discovering and getting to that unique spot in the most simple & efficient way before the deal runs out.

We as founders believe in one key factor “simplicity” so we made this app really really simple and clean yet so powerful on the backend with no logins/fb sign ins and no gimmicks to help people get that unique spot ASAP, we also believe that since time is of major essence to get to that drink deal, we are the only service out there that has a timer that counts down to each one of the deals before they end, the deal might start from 3PM to 5PM today, and might start from 4PM to 8PM tomorrow, our backend handles all that complexity but all the user sees is when the deal at that unique spot is actually on and how much time he/she has before that runs out, now for the best part, we also only focus on the most unique, fanciest, hippest, naughtiest, sexiest, popular bars & restaurants in town, so basically one can go out to drink at the nicest spots paying just a fraction of a cost period without having to go through a bunch of options/filter on yelp and doing a good amount of research on google. Finally, discovering some of these unique bars and have a wonderful experience is now not a costly affair. :).

What is your mission, where do you hope to accomplish?

Our mission is to simplify the current process of getting to a unique spot to have a great experience, one of things we can show you is how everything is laid out in the app. you open the app and it goes straight to your best options closest to you being first, a countdown timer till the deal ends and the deal info. We realized that currently people go to google/yelp to find the best options, where good information is so hard to get to and a multi step process, and in the end they realize that the deal is not on at this time, this makes information so irrelevant, and that’s something we also solved at drinkers, that would never happen with the drinkers app.

Currently, on the drinkers app, we focus on providing happy hours/drink specials information at some of the most unique bars, in the next couple of months, we are going to have some more really cool categories such as Hidden gems, rooftop lounges, secret bars, craft beer gardens, so anytime anybody wants to go to a unique/cool spot. Drinkers app will be the only reliable app to use. We are currently in LA, NYC, SF, Philly, SD and growing to a few other cities. Our founders live in SF, LA, Philly and NYC and have been covering them first as our top priority,

To maintain the accuracy of data for our users, we will ensure that we do not become the next yelp or google and exclusivity being the key, we will only focus on the top 50 or so bars who we physically partner with and pass on their info to our users, we are very clear about this model, we plan to grow slow from one city to another and will never scrap data from the internet to provide inaccurate info to our users like how a lot of happy hour/drink discovery apps currently do. We also are in the midst of developing the Android version of the Drinkers app and plan to roll that out soon.

What has been your greatest achievement so far?

Zach, my 2 year old son is by far my greatest achievement in my life. Just watching him grow and helping him grow up into a kind, strong and humble person is always going to be a top priority on my mind. Although I have held many roles in the Financial planning & analysis groups at various companies including working at Facebook, Levis, Uber, Driscolls, Leap Frog, Davids Tea, Guggenheim, Union Bank, Huntington Bank and a few other companies, I believe that coming up with solutions that can help change the way people do things is very satisfying.

What’s your best advice for other tech entrepreneurs who are starting a business?

My only advice is not to be afraid of failing, do some due diligence and if you believe that your service is going to help people change the way they do things, do it without worrying about failure. As the great visionary Elon Musk once said ” If something is important enough, you should try it, even if the possible outcome is failure”.

Where can our readers find you? (link to app store and website)

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