Interview with Blu Fin Whitening vegan friendly whitening products

Our whitening products are vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.

Can you tell us what’s special about your brand?
We sell high quality organic whitening products that will gently whiten teeth while fighting germs. We use only the cleanest certified organic in our products such as our activated charcoal scrubs and bamboo toothbrushes. Our products are vegan friendly and animal cruelty free.

What motivated you to start an Eco-friendly business?
Millions of pounds of toothbrushes end up in the landfills each year. We wanted people to have access to quality products that are effective and also safe for the environment.

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What green issues are you most passionate about?
Using products and packaging that are biodegradable.

What advice would you have for other aspiring social and green entrepreneurs?
Finding ways to incorporate organic and biodegradable items into a start up usually seems expensive, however the social economic benefits you reap from having environmental friendly products and packaging will pay for itself 10 fold. |Facebook | Instagram


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